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Customized Counseling, Psychiatric, and Medical Care

For those living in the Bolivar area, the Midwest Institute for Addiction telemedicine program offers an alternative to driving long distances for your drug and alcohol treatment. Each situation is unique, and your treatment should be as well. No matter how long you’ve been dealing with your addiction, we strive to meet you where you are, right now, and work with you to regain a quality of life you may not have experienced for a long time. One of the unique differences with the Midwest Institute for Addiction is that we adapt to your needs, your situation, and we can do it without you having to drive all the way into Bolivar to receive treatment. Through our telemedicine program, you can receive access to world-class drug and alcohol rehab, as well as opiate detox. Using a holistic approach, we offer a collaborative approach that sets us apart from other addiction treatment centers in the Bolivar area. Using your internet connection, that final barrier to treatment has been removed. Now, there’s a way for you to receive the help you need, with the dignity, care, compassion, and privacy that telemedicine can offer.

The Midwest Institute for Addiction Difference

The Midwest Institute for Addiction program believes that successful drug addiction recovery can only happen if you treat the whole person, and not just the addiction. Your addiction has impacted not only you but those around you. Right now, your family life, career, finances, and physical health may be suffering. When you enroll in the telemedicine program, we assign you to a whole cadre of medical professionals who will work with you to improve your quality of life at home, at work, personally, and in your financial life. Using the telemedicine approach, in Bolivar you can receive the help that works for you at a time that is right for you, and on a schedule that does not impact your family’s life. Unlike many drug rehab centers in Bolivar, we take most private medical insurances. Using the Midwest Institute for Addiction telemedicine program you can receive a specialized, customized plan just for you and the way your body reacts to addiction, and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you continue to improve all of the areas of your life.

What This Means to You

Once you’ve enrolled in the Midwest Institute for Addiction telemedicine program you will receive a quality dense program, meaning that we select specific medical personnel who can give assistance to you, or a loved one suffering from addiction, so that the outcome has the best chance for long-term sustainability. Combining our treatment assets in conjunction with your trusted family doctor, we offer a full and robust treatment program often only found in upscale rehab centers. We give you the tools and the ability to help us design your treatment program. We believe that if you have a sense of ownership, you will be more willing to commit to it. Travel into the Bolivar clinic will be required initially, and then annually so that we can continue to guide and assist you throughout your recovery process. If you are ready to get your life back on track and to do it from the privacy of your home, then we are waiting to hear from you.