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Midwest Institute for Addiction is a comprehensive and holistic focused treatment center serving Cape Girardeau. Addiction disorder rates are affecting an alarmingly high percentage of our communities. We attempt to reduce impediments to recovery and improve overall life satisfaction by concentrating on critical parts of the brain pertinent to addiction. At Midwest Institute, we focus on the complexity of the addictive epidemic, while attempting to give the individual and family quality care of health. We offer evidence-based treatment, medication assisted treatment, psychiatric treatment, family therapy, and individualized treatment for the addicted brain. We heavily endorse the idea that addiction is a brain disease, that can be treated, thus placing addiction into a state of remission. However, we realize that doing so requires an attentive approach to client’s overall quality of life, the varying components of this measure, and our diligence to facilitate positive change in all categories.

A Leading Approach to Treatment

Suboxone and the Vivitrol are medically administered options, that according to research, can significantly decrease drug craving and improve the quality of life. We offer these treatment options, on-site at our locations and via our virtual rehab | telemedicine program in Cape Girardeau. Technology now provides us with the capabilities to offer telemedicine. This virtual treatment option provides treatment to geographical locations, that may not have had access to quality holistic evidence-based treatment previously. Following an initial visit to one of our locations for assessment, individuals have access to our medical staff and highly qualified clinicians. This program allows our resources to aid clients with medical detoxification, medication management, psychiatric care, and behavioral care they otherwise would not have access to. We offer 24-hour care, through our on-call service.

A Quality of Life Approach

One of the core values of Midwest Institute for Addiction is to facilitate customized care for each client. Our virtual rehab/telemedicine program varies significantly from client to client for this reason. We recognize and value that each individual is unique and different, therefore treatment is specialized and individualized to optimize their recovery. We utilize cutting edge technology, and current research to offer a complete quality of care. We pride ourselves on our reputation for having outstanding clinical staff, cutting edge technologies for treating addiction, and an empathetic understanding for those afflicted with addiction, which we gladly bring to Cape Girardeau.

What This Means to You

You are not alone. Your location will not limit or minimize your recovery. You have access to one of the top programs in St. Louis, Kansas City, and across Missouri without regularly traveling outside of Cape Girardeau.