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If you’ve used the excuse that you live too far away from a drug rehab center in Carthage, then you aren’t alone. Up until now, there had never been an alternative way to receive quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment without having to drive a long distance to get there. This usually meant that you would have to take time off from work, find alternative childcare options, and spend additional money on transportation. Now, it is easier than ever to get the drug treatment in Carthage that you need. The Midwest Institute for Addiction offers an exclusive drug and alcohol recovery treatment that is offered online, through your home computer. Working alongside your family doctor, our top-in-their-field doctors and healthcare professionals deliver a unique approach and a unique treatment procedure delivered over a technological breakthrough in the medical field. Imagine getting the help you’ve been waiting for, all at the click of a mouse.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Telemedicine offers you a non-traditional way to approach your drug and alcohol dependency. Offering you a comprehensive treatment that is tailored for your body’s systems, and your personality and lifestyle, we offer a series of exclusive programs and sessions designed to help you improve your quality of life, break the cycle of addiction, and put your life back together. As one of the leading drug rehab centers in Carthage, we stand out from the rest for one very important reason: the human element. We have learned over the years that if you simply treat the addiction, then it has a very real chance of coming back to haunt you again in the future. You and your family deserve to have treatment that is accessible, respectful, and a treatment that has a chance of lasting. To that end, our telemedicine program works not only with you and your dependency on alcohol or drugs, but also helps you and your family to repair relationships with each other and family friends. We also work with you to repair other areas of your life, too, such as your personal finances, career and work issues, as well as your personal fitness goals. We are dedicated to your best possible outcome and are so committed to this goal that even after you have completed your program with us, you have access to us for a lifetime.

A Quality of Life Approach

Our Telemedicine program is HIPAA approved, which means that your privacy and our discretion are guaranteed. After your initial evaluation at our Carthage center, we will work with you to construct a personalized strategy for getting you to that better version of yourself. We work with your own local medical doctors to ensure that we deliver the highest level of care possible. Our top of line services is often only seen in high-end drug rehab centers. And because we take most private insurance plans, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your recovery is not going to negatively impact your family’s finances. Telemedicine is a technology whose time has come. If you’ve been putting off receiving treatment in the Carthage area because it was too far to drive, then consider telemedicine your ticket to new possibilities.