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Midwest Institute for Addiction is a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol disorders. We pride ourselves in our capabilities to deliver quality service to our clients. We offer psychiatric care, individual sessions, family sessions, medication assisted detoxification, and numerous other services. We believe that addiction is complex disorder requiring a comprehensive approach that focuses intensively on each patient as an individual. We take addiction and the treatment of addiction seriously, which is why we attract and employ some of the leading medical doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists in the field.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our clinical staff is experienced and educated with Masters and doctorate level educations. We believe in each individual as a unique individual, and for this reason, a cookie-cutter modality of treatment is not effective and even reported by clients of other facilities as dehumanizing. At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver compassionate care while maintaining modern technology and evidence based modalities, which creates a positive and healthy environment for restoring lives.

A Quality of Life Approach

If you live in areas around Kansas City, such as Chillicothe a large distance from larger cities often leaves individuals and their families with no, or restricted, resources; we have a solution for you. We provide our telemedicine program to underserved areas that allow the services to larger areas to be delivered to rural locations without individuals having to drive long distances many times each week. This permits access to outpatient services such medication detoxification, psychiatric care, and therapy. Buprenorphine, Suboxone, Bunivail, Subutex, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol are some of the common medications used during and after the medical detox process. The telemedicine/virtual rehab program requires an initial visit at one of our locations and once annually thereafter.