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No one actively chooses to become addicted. Therefore, once the addictive patterns begin to materialize, it is usually too late to recover from the downward spiral. Here at Midwest Institute for Addiction we recognize and acknowledge that individuals are uniquely created, and should have a chance to recover from this neurological dysfunction. We attempt to treat the soul, mind, and body of addiction issues. We do this by offering our highly trained staff and comprehensive approach to treating addiction to those needing help in Farmington.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our treating clinicians are licensed professionals and have a masters or doctorate level education as well as licensure to treat addictive, mental, and behavioral disorders. In addition to this, there is a wealth of treatment experience accumulated within the treatment team. We offer medical assistance for substance-induced withdrawal through our medical staff. Clients have the option to obtain anti-craving medications that are prescribed and monitored by our treating physicians and psychiatrist. We have a variety of treatment methods which include group therapy, individualized care, therapy for the family, and numerous other approaches to induce and support a healthy recovery. Delivering services to Farmington means that these services are combined with local resources to deliver effective treatment programs.

A Quality of Life Approach

We believe in treating both the cortex and more primitive parts of the brain, which research has indicated are affected by chemical substances. Our focus on increasing access to those in need leads to our virtual rehab/telemedicine program which allows us to deliver quality care through video conferencing to those in Farmington. This virtual treatment care permits many to obtain treatment in geographical locations where care may not have been an option or is limited in scope. After an initial face-to-face screening and assessment at one of our locations, individuals can benefit from this digitalized electronic healthcare option. We believe that all individuals afflicted by addiction should have the option of receiving quality -person centered care- to optimize their transition into the person that they desire to be, and improve their overall quality of life.