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For so many years having to make arrangements to drive into Florissant for addiction recovery created a barrier to recovery. Telemedicine, a technology that allows you to work through the internet with health care professionals makes accessing the help you need easier than ever before. Imagine not having to miss work for treatment programs, find care for the children, or arrange transportation to rehab sessions. Telemedicine, using the HIPAA approved interface, gives you the help you need from the privacy of your own home. We bring the drug and alcohol rehab to you.

Comprehensive Treatment For Complex Addiction


The Midwest Institute for Addiction offers each person who enters into treatment an exclusive and individualized treatment plan. This allows the physicians at Midwest Institute for Addiction to fully partner with you, and your local doctor in Florissant, to design a program that is sustainable and works for you and your family’s lifestyle. The telemedicine program begins with a thorough exam so that we can obtain the most detailed understanding of how your body copes with addictive substances. This allows us to tailor the treatment to your own body’s chemistry and your personality. We do not believe that a one-size-fits-all drug rehab program will be successful, which is why we take the time to fully understand your addiction and offer you the best tools and personnel to help you overcome your addiction, for good. We also know that your substance abuse has impacted more than just you. It has impacted the lives of your family and friends. We offer our support network, comprised of top-in-their-field counselors, therapists, and even career and financial counseling. Maybe your fitness level isn’t what it could be. We also make sure that you are eating right, and we offer you ways to cope with stresses in life. At the Midwest Institute for Addiction we are committed to your long-term recovery, and seeing you regain and rebuild your relationships with others. That is why we offer a lifetime access to the telemedicine program so that you can prevent a relapse once you’ve completed the recovery program. All of this is available to you at the click of a mouse.

What Does This Mean for You?


Utilizing the telemedicine services means that you can begin your journey to wellness. The first step in the program is a thorough assessment of your addiction and where you are right now. To do that we work with your local doctor and coordinate our services with their office. This allows us to make sure that you are receiving the highest level of care from many sources. Our multi-disciplinary group of health professionals works with you to improve your quality of life in all areas so that you can begin to make positive, and lasting, changes in your life. We accept most private insurances and offer extremely flexible schedules for those times when you must come into our Florissant center for monitoring. If you’ve been putting off drug or alcohol treatment, telemedicine could be your ticket to a fresh start.