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If you’ve looked at all of the different drug addiction centers in the Higginsville area, then you know that there are many of them out there. Most centers will work on the alcohol or drug addiction, but not many will address all of the other issues that often come with dependency. At the Midwest Institute for Addiction we do just that; treat you like a person and not a paycheck. Our holistic approach treats all of those areas that have been affected by your addiction, including your family relationships, and the rollercoaster emotional ride that often comes with trying to kick a habit.
Using evidence-based treatment, offered in the Higginsville location, we offer medical detox, group therapy, as well as help you get back on track with your eating habits and quality of life. Individual therapy, psychological counseling, and wellness coaching are all included in the range of standard services offered at the Midwest Institute for Addiction. The MIA difference is that we view each person that walks through out door as a real individual, a person who wants to make positive changes in their life and just needs a chance to do so. We offer you the right tools when you need them so that you can regain and take charge of your life again. Because we are dedicated to seeing you achieve true change, we make ourselves available when it is convenient for you, offering later evenings and weekend hours. We take most private insurances, and we believe that lasting change is possible when you are given the right kind of support. Our attention to service, and to offer genuine care and concern is what sets the Midwest Institute for Addiction apart from other treatment centers in Higginsville.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

We are not a one-size-fits-all kind of drug rehab center. When you come into our Higginsville location, you’ll realize that we treat each patient as the unique individual they are, customizing the treatment and recovery plan based on your circumstances and preferences. You will be assigned a dynamic and highly trained group of medical professionals, from dieticians to medical doctors, from meditation experts to a fitness coach. Your “dream team” will work alongside you to develop a plan that will work. Some of the processes can involve medical monitoring, management of the Vivitrol or Suboxone, blood work, and toxicology. Better still is the fact that once you have achieved recovery, our services are offered to you for as long as you want them. Meaning, that we are dedicated to preventing a relapse and are available to you long after you have recovered.

What This Means to You

It means you don’t have to go through drug or alcohol addiction recovery in Higginsville, alone. Our goal is to help you elevate your quality of life, and the lives of those who are closest to you, including family, friends, and even co-workers. We understand that you, and your addiction, don’t live in a vacuum and that your addiction has affected many around you. This is because at the Midwest Institute for Addiction we do truly understand how much you want to change, and we are ready to not only help you take those first steps but to be there with you through all of it. Unlimited services, multiple disciplinary health care professionals, accessibility, and a drug rehab center that cares is what you can expect from the Midwest Institute for Addiction family. We’re waiting to hear from you.