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A “Quality of Life” approach for clients and their families.

Where You Find Person-centered Care

There are many addiction treatment options in Jefferson City providing outpatient rehab; yet few provide MIA’s level of access, compassion, and person-centered philosophy. Midwest Institute for Addiction provides a comprehensive, person-centered, and quality treatment model that expands beyond treatment modalities to that of client satisfaction. Healthcare, as a whole, has lost sight of the quality of service with which treatment modalities are delivered. We provide an evidence-based treatment model that supplements the resources available to you in your area. We serve Jefferson City residents with the treatment they may otherwise not access for logistical or financial reasons. Our services adjunct those available in your area and include; medical detoxification, psychiatric care, individual therapy, family therapy, and more. Numerous clients have made weekly trips to our locations in St. Louis and Kansas City from Jefferson City, so we developed a platform that allows for substance abuse treatment to be delivered directly to Jefferson City clients. We are continually improving our programs, technologies, and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the growing demands for our services.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team


Midwest Institute for Addiction delivers quality outpatient substance abuse treatment services in Jefferson City that focus on improving the quality of life for clients dealing with drug and alcohol issues. We employ a diverse and multi-disciplined staff that work together to provide efficient and effective care. Our staff include psychiatrists, medical doctors, pain specialists, mental health specialists, therapists, and other treatment specialties. Our treatment model includes medical, psychiatric, and behavioral components to care creating a holistic and effective program. Our services include physician care, medical monitoring with toxicology and blood work, psychological assessments, medication management including Suboxone and Vivitrol®, and additional ancillary services. Our clients receive continual care while they are attending our alcohol and drug rehab in Jefferson City and are entitled to continue preferred services once they complete our program. This is all done as an adjunct to your current life, not an interference.

A Quality of Life Approach


What do we mean by a quality of life approach? We understand that a sobriety date is important. We understand that no one looks to get into to legal trouble. The fact remains that no one evaluates their quality life by either of these. We evaluate our lives by the distance that exists between where we are and where we want to be, who we are and who we want to be, what we have accomplished and what we still hope for. Our quality of life approach is nothing more than a focus to decrease this gap. Alcohol and drug addiction certainly does not minimize the gap that exists, in fact, it makes it very large. Yet, beyond alcohol and drug addiction exists even more issues that inhibit individuals from moving in a direction that closes the gap between where they are and their ideal self. Our focus is to move clients in this direction, to close this gap, and address the varying issues involved. In most cases there are more areas for improvement than simply alcohol and drug abuse. We appreciate the fact that anyone (regardless of addiction) would benefit from utilizing MIA’s multitude of services.

What This Means to You

So how does this translate into benefits for you and your family? MIA provides treatment delivered by some of the most experienced providers in Missouri to Jefferson City. We understand that access to treatment is critical and make accessibility a reality through flexible scheduling during the day, evenings, and weekends and by contracting with the major insurance companies in Missouri. We are always accessible by phone and in-person to ensure support when it is needed. We take our client’s care very seriously and realize the seriousness of the difficulties they face. We do not use sales tactics, offer free consultations and referrals for care, and truly advocate for positive life changes in our communities. We accept insurance for a better program quality than that found in high-priced private facilities. We understand what you are going through, where you want to be, and the various obstacles in your way. Our commitment is to help you navigate this road by making the highest quality of care available, accessible, and affordable in your area.