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Midwest Institute for Addiction is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program located in various locations across Missouri. What sets this treatment center apart from others is the holistic and evidence-based approach to treating the addictive epidemic and improving client’s quality of life. The complexity of addiction necessitates the need for highly trained professionals to treat addiction through a focus that not only addresses addiction but other categories of the individual’s life. We believe everyone is capable of achieving abstinence from addictive substances, and acquiring a life of quality and meaning. We offer psychiatric care, medical detoxification, specialized individualized therapy, treatment for the family, and numerous other treatments and services. Our clinicians are masters and doctoral level addiction and mental health specialists, with numerous years of experience treating individuals and their families. We have established a telemedicine platform that delivers treatment outside of our locations to areas such as Joplin that would otherwise be limited in treatment options. This unique feature separates us from numerous other treatment centers. Clients attend an initial set of visits and again each year at one of our locations with online services in the interim.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Detoxification from opiates and heroin is a painful and daunting experience. Withdraw from alcohol and benzodiazepines are equally tormenting and potentially fatal if not treated medically. Midwest Institute for Addiction maintains highly trained and skilled staff who implement and oversee medication detox and clinical progress of our clients in Joplin. Our program focuses on the varying aspects that attribute to client’s quality of life and work to facilitate positive change towards each individual’s ideal self. We utilize well know and effective substances such as Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Naltrexone. We provide our clients in Joplin with 24 hour care through are on call service to ensure our clients are always supported and never alone.

A Quality of Life Approach

Our focus on person-centered care, our ethical focus on transparency, our continuous efforts to increase access to care are some of the core values that distinguish Midwest Institute for addiction from other organizations in and around Joplin. Treating individuals with dignity and respect, while offering a highly specialized and evidence-based approach to treating addiction is a daily principle, lived out in the lives of clinicians and staff dedicated to helping individuals finding a quality of life free from addictive substances. We are proud of the fact that we utilize cutting edge technologies, by integrating the latest scientific evidence explaining addiction, while implementing effective treatments to produce healthy individuals and families.