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Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It roars through the lives of individuals and families destroying hopes and aspirations and leaving in its wake individuals that are desperate and hopeless. Midwest Institute for Addiction understands through compassionate eyes the devastation that addiction leaves in its path. We believe and act on the premise that lives are at risk when addiction progresses. We offer quality, comprehensive, and evidence-based treatment aimed at stabilizing individual’s recovery and continuing to improve their quality of life. Our treatment team consists of compassionate professionals who together hold years of experience, medical and psychological degrees, and the common ground to facilitate a comprehensive and effective recovery program. Our programs range in intensity and do not limit treatment time. We offer numerous services, including professional psychiatric care, psychiatric assessments, detoxification from prescribed and illicit substances, focused individualized care, and professional family therapy.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

We believe in delivering effective care, through quality customer service, in a way that is flexible with your current situation and obligations. Numerous treatment centers offer rehabilitation, but many fail to see the importance of servicing individuals with compassion and empathy. Research suggests compassion has the capabilities to heal and restore, this is due to an individual feeling understood, and establishing a relationship of trust upon which progress can be built. When one is understood, wondrous psychological shifts can flow as treatment progresses.

A Quality of Life Approach

For many financial and logistical barriers are their biggest hurdle in seeking treatment for their issues. Do not let long distances, lack of motivation, and /or fear of withdrawal distract or discourage you from seeking the treatment that you deserve and desire. We now offer telemedicine through an online platform that permits you to receive our quality treatment online. Our physicians and psychiatrist can utilize these technologies to deliver medical treatment to you in your home, monitor medical detoxification, and facilitate care by combing our telemedicine services with those available in Kirksville. We do require an initial visit at one of our locations to begin this healing process and once annually thereafter.