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Addiction is a complicated disorder. There are many facets to addiction that need consideration when treating the addicted individual. Considerations need to be given to individualistic needs, social support, type of chemical abuse, family issues, stress and coping skills, and duration of use to provide a complete and comprehensive mode of treatment for effective results. Our focus is on all aspects of the individual’s life to facilitate an overall improvement in their quality of life rather than focusing solely on a sobriety date. Our quality of life approach also means that no two individuals experience the same treatment program. Our program and staff are focused on providing person-centered care.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we diligently work to provide comprehensive treatment to meet the demands of the addiction epidemic. We do this by offering numerous services to address all of these complex concerns. Our staff is comprised of trained doctors and psychiatrist, as well as master and doctoral level clinicians. We believe in treating the whole individual, in a manner that offers compassion and empathy.  We are skilled at offering sessions that focus on the individual afflicted with addiction, treating the families effected by addiction, psychoeducation coping skills and social support, and improving recovery rates and success by offering medication through our trained medical staff.

A Quality of Life Approach

Our newest program provides the ability to offer treatment through the Internet that is effective and safe. This allows us to offer services to individuals and families that are geographically limited. We are able to offer medication for detoxification, and decreasing cravings through our telemedicine portal which is typically the most limited resource in rural areas. With this new specialized electronic feature, MIA is able to offer Suboxone, Zubsolv, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. These medications are evidence-based in treating addiction and improving recovery rates when combined with other modalities of care. Our telemedicine/virtual rehab program services those in Lebanon by evaluating what resources are available and then delivering our services to fill in gaps so that individuals have effective and comprehensive care.