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A “Quality of Life” approach for clients and their families.

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When it comes to rehabilitation centers in Mexico, you can find them anywhere. Treating addition correctly takes more than just a band-aid treatment. At the Midwest Institute for Addition (MIA) we treat addiction differently from other centers. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction. The human element is crucial to providing treatment with true long-term impact, and by focusing on compassion, privacy, and accessibility, we can offer what few rehab centers in the United States can. Our holistic treatment model allows us to customize our programs to the individual. Our highly trained staff work with each individual to create positive changes using evidence based addiction treatment services. Every client is offered a free consultation for addiction treatment in a setting that nurtures wellness, and a sense of possibility.

Comprehensive Treatment for Complex Addiction

Mexico families who have had their lives impacted by drug addiction know that standardized one-size-fits all programs don’t always work. True healing and drug rehab begin with an assessment of where you are, and where you want to be. From beginning to end, we help Mexico families to create a rehabilitation treatment program that will work and be sustainable. Our goal is to raise the quality of life for both the individual undergoing addiction treatment and withdrawal, but to also increase the positive aspect and support for family members. Using a multi-disciplinary treatment team, the Midwest Institute for Addiction creates a support structure that addresses all of the factors that are involved in addiction and recovery. The team consists of highly trained family and group therapists, private medical doctor, psychiatrists, couple’s therapists, dieticians, meditation and relaxation experts, and health and wellness specialists. In Mexico, the  Midwest Institute for Addiction offers cutting edge technology and testing protocols so that we can have a very clear picture of your unique needs. We perform toxicology monitoring, blood work, Vivitrol and Suboxone management psychiatric care, therapy and other behavioral modalities, as well as medical monitoring. Unlike other centers, once you have completed the program, you still have lifetime access to the support of the center to prevent relapse.

Quality of Life; What Does This Mean for You?

If you are dealing with an addiction then you have had your quality of life impacted negatively. This may include legal issues, physical and emotional problems, as well as social stresses with family and friends. At Midwest Institute for Addition, we aim to not only break the addiction cycle but to give you the tools to improve your quality of life. By addressing all of the unique needs that come with your particular addiction, we can shape your treatment plan unlike any other rehab centers in Mexico.  We have a reputation for excellence and the drastically improved quality of life that participants and their family experience are why.

What this means for you is an experience that you may never have received before. Focusing on accessibility and flexibility, accepting most private insurance plans, we deliver services at a date and time that works for you and your life. We are open when most other rehab centers in Mexico are closed. We are waiting to partner with you on your journey to recovery and wellness, and are willing and able to offer you access to some of the most experienced drug rehab specialists in the area. In short, what this means for you is that you have a choice and a chance for true recovery.