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A “Quality of Life” approach for clients and their families.

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At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we value you and your recovery.  We are here to advocate for you and your recovery.  We want you to be successful in your progress to become clean and sober and improve your overall quality of life.  We know life is demanding and that you’re often overwhelmed in meeting those demands; adding yet another obligation can be daunting.  For this reason, MIA offers top notch providers – psychiatrists, pain management physicians, family and individual therapists, and group therapists, in ways, and time, that are flexible and feasible.  We are committed to providing the services you and your loved ones need in a way that adjuncts your life rather than interfere.  When you reach out to us, you will find highly qualified providers interested in your unique life situation.  We are here to help you identify areas of life that have been neglected and in need of your attention.  We will guide you in learning new and healthy coping strategies as you gain sobriety from your addiction.  This will not be easy for you and those you love.  Be assured that support will be available as you make these important lifestyle changes.  We know it is difficult to ask for help but we will make that a simple task through warmth and encouragement.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Midwest Institute for Addiction is staffed with high-quality medical and mental health providers – experts in addiction recovery practicing evidenced-based treatment that is individualized for your specific needs.  You deserve no less.  Your clinical presentation may include chronic pain conditions that led to addiction or increased use of your substance – we can help you medically as well as mindfully, as you learn healthier ways of dealing with your pain, dealing with the substance abuse issue, and improving your overall quality of life.  We offer opportunities for learning mindfulness based strategies for coping with pain, tension, and anxiety.  You need not feel imprisoned by your physical or emotional pain.

A Quality of Life Approach

Midwest Institute for Addiction offers a unique combination of services to address your recovery needs.  Initially, you will meet with a psychiatrist or physician to be stabilized medically and begin medical detox.  You will also meet with your therapist after your assessment so that you begin identifying and addressing triggers and cravings to use or drink.  Understand, what you are experiencing is the disease of addiction and NOT a moral failing or personal character flaw. The initial set of appointments are completed at one of our physical locations and all care that follows will occur via telemedicine/virtual rehab in the comfort of your home. We deliver these services in this manner to service those who lack access to care or who have limited resources based on their geographic location. Our services are combined with what you have available in your area when feasible. The ultimate goal of the telemedicine program is to develop and deliver an effective and comprehensive treatment program.