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Midwest Institute for Addiction offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to treating addiction. Our evidence based methodology is effective in promoting abstinence through a focus on improving client’s quality of life. We offer medical detox, psychiatric care, quality therapeutic interventions, and other services that support this aim. Our highly trained and educated staff have years of experience, coupled with a compassionate approach to treating our clients. MIA has established a virtual rehab and telemedicine program to transmit our services outside our facilities into geographical locations where treatment is not a viable option or is limited in scope. Through our new telemedicine option, individuals in the Ozarks struggling with fears about detoxification, can now be medically detoxed through our electronic platform via visits with our medical doctors and prescribe medications such as Suboxone, Librium, Naltrexone and others medications. Clients complete an initial set of appointments at one of our facilities followed by services through telemedicine that supplement local resources to facilitate an effective and complete treatment programs.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

The shame of having an addiction can keep suffering humans isolated and out of reach from professional care. This suffering is more prevalent when individuals do not have options to receive services at addition specific organizations, which is the case in many areas, including the Ozarks in Missouri. Midwest Institute takes a hard-line stance towards the moral choice argument regarding addiction, providing compassionate and understanding services. We do this by following the current research on addiction from a neurological perspective and integrating this with our holistic quality of life approach to recovery. Our facilities in larger metropolitan areas integrate services with technology to bring this care to you.

A Quality of Life Approach

With today’s technology in addiction research and treatment, there is no need for clients to suffer excessively. Medically monitored detoxification provided on an outpatient basis can significantly increase your chances for long-term sobriety and is available in the Ozarks via our telemedicine and virtual rehab program. We offer medication assisted treatment to eliminate and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal until clients are free from the addictive substance. For opiate addition (prescribed pain medications and illicit substances such as heroin) Suboxone and Zubsolv are offered to alleviate symptoms under the care and supervision of our physicians and staff. Vitriol, naltrexone, and Campral are options to reduce carvings and optimize your quality of recovery from addiction.  Ultimately, these are just tools used in a much more comprehensive approach to care.