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Can Telemedicine Really Work For You?


If you are struggling with addiction in the Perryville area, but can’t find the time to drive all the way into Perryville for treatment, then the Midwest Institute for Addiction’s telemedicine program might be the answer. We understand that addiction brings with it a whole host of problems and stresses to your life. We believe that distance should not be a barrier to receiving the type of help that you need or become an excuse for delaying treatment. Our state-of-the-art telemedicine program is a HIPPA approved video conferencing drug rehab program that you can do from the privacy of your own home. We work directly with you and your local family doctor to create a program that is created for you, your situation, and your schedule. Many centers in the Perryville provide a one-size-fits-all drug rehab program, but at the Midwest Institute for Addiction, we believe that every addiction affects a person differently, and as a result, your treatment plan should reflect your own situation, not stats on a page. Imagine having access to some of the best drug rehab and recovery specialist from your computer. Telemedicine is a technology whose time has come, and together we can help you to bring about true and lasting change.

Comprehensive Treatment For Complex Addiction


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a complex issue because the addiction can impact more than just your body. This is why the Midwest Institute for Addiction assesses you during your first in-person visit to the Perryville center. We identify where you are at the time, and where you want to be in the future. Then, we create a detailed strategy and assign you an addiction recovery team. Your team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who work directly with you and your local doctor. Our professionals each focus on an aspect of your life that you want to positively impact, including couples therapy, financial counseling, and even legal advice. We do this because we know that addiction does not function in a vacuum, and over the course of your addiction, it has taken its toll on your work, family, friends, and loved ones. Also available to assist you in your recovery are health and wellness coaches, dieticians, and you’ll learn how to better deal with stress.
After your first meeting with us at the Perryville center, we will create a schedule for you that works for everyone. No more having to take time off of work to go to rehab, and no more having to juggle schedules with kids, spouses, or parents. Our telemedicine program comes to you, and the program is affordable. We accept most commercial insurances. The telemedicine plan coordinates with you trusted health care professionals, locally, to monitor toxicology and to manage any pharmaceutical that we may prescribe for you.

Quality of Life


What do we mean when we say we’re focused on Quality of Life? We plan, coordinate and communicate our treatments around the unique life factors and health of each individual. This translates into a complete continuum of care that goes far beyond the services provided by other rehabs in St. Louis, which tend to focus strictly on alcohol and drug use alone. At Midwest Institute for Addition, our multi-disciplinary team addresses your physical health, psychiatric health, social health, family health, financial issues, legal issues, and job-related concerns, which can all play a factor in alcohol and drug use. By assessing clients on all these elements, we are able to identify the unique needs of the individual and shape their treatment plan accordingly. In most cases, to achieve progress, rehabilitation services need to focus on more areas of improvement than simply alcohol and drug abuse. That is what makes MIA different, and it’s why our St. Louis facility has a reputation for excellence.

What Does This Mean for You?


Our overriding mission is to see your quality of life improve. Telemedicine can offer you the accessibility and privacy that you will not experience with other drug rehab centers in Perryville. The Midwest Institute for Addiction difference means that you will receive compassionate, respectful, and discreet treatment that is only a mouse click away. We are committed to your recovery, and your sustained long-term sobriety, and to that end, we remain available to you through our relapse prevention program, which is yours for life. Making a positive change is possible.