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There are numerous centers for rehabilitation from addiction, however few compare to Midwest Institute for Addiction. MIA provides Poplar Bluff with quality person-centered care, empathy, and leading-edge evidence-based treatment. At MIA our quality of treatment is second to none. This is accomplished by maintaining an environment that is conducive to recovery from substance use disorders. We maintain highly trained and educated staff. All our clinicians hold a minimum of a masters degree and professional licensure. Our services include detoxification, psychiatric care, individualized therapy, family treatment, and many more services. Due to logistical barriers and limited resources in some geographical areas we have instituted an electronic mode of delivery for medical and mental health services to facilitate, alongside available resources in your area, an effective recovery program. We pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of addiction research and treatment. We offer medication assisted treatment which improves recovery rates, aids in the detoxification process, and reduces the craving dynamic, which strongly correlate with reductions in relapse rates and long-term sobriety.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our aim is to give the individual that suffers from addictive disorders an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Our clinical staff understands that addiction is not a choice or moral failing. We follow the current research in the addiction field that strongly asserts that addiction is a dysregulation of numerous brain systems. Our medical services include utilizing blood work, toxicology monitoring, genetic testing, psychological testing, and professional medical oversight to improve chances of recovery. We understand that addiction is a medical and neurological problem that requires the network of team members dedicated to your outcome.

A Quality of Life Approach

We comprehend that addiction can create a fog of lies and deception around addiction and family members. At times, family members end up as lost and desperate as their loved one. Improving your quality of life means not only having one’s life back from addiction, but the family having their life restored. We work to restore the family’s life, as well as the individual suffering with addiction. Within each individual, is a unique and beautiful person. Our comprehensive and compassionate team follows the addictive epidemic and focuses on each individual’s progression towards functioning and experiencing life to its fullest.