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Telemedicine offered by the Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA) is an idea whose time has come. Receiving drug rehab treatment in Raytown using the telemedicine program at MIA addresses many of the barriers that may be keeping you from finding an addiction recovery program that works. If you live well away from larger cities, then you know that most rehab programs will require you to miss work, find child care for after hours, and create privacy concerns as well as transportation expenses. Many of the studies regarding the effectiveness of telemedicine in comparison to traditional addiction treatment programs found that the web-based treatments were as effective as traditional approaches. However, it is still most effective when combined with face-to-face meetings with your own health care providers locally.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

How does telemedicine for addiction treatment work? First, we are different from most programs in Raytown, in that we treat the whole person; from your home life, personal life, physical and emotional concerns, we treat it all together. Our philosophy is that when you treat the whole person, the whole addiction is able to be controlled and lessened. Through our programs, you receive more than just medication to assist with withdrawal. We work with you to create a medical “dream team” for your recovery. This team consists of health care professionals in your area, as well as a whole range of professionals that will meet with you on your schedule. From dieticians to counselors, couple therapists to meditation experts, we address all of the issues that led you to this point in time.  Unlike other programs, we do not simply offer a detox program, then release you from care. Even after you have had recovery success, we remain available to you for life. We are dedicated to seeing you succeed, not just while you are fully engaged in our telemedicine program, but for a lifetime of wellness.

What This Means to You

Imagine visiting with the doctor and health care team without having to get dressed or drive long distances. Imagine a health care professional that meets you when and where you need them to. This is what telemedicine can offer you. Working in combination with on-the-ground and in your area professionals, we help you design a program that you can sustain. Suffering from substance abuse doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Using the telemedicine approach you can learn how to cope with negative self-images, withdrawal, cravings, and more. We utilize state of the art pharmacological therapies in addition to counseling and therapy, to help you rebuild a quality of life for you and your loved ones. If you’ve been putting off taking back control of your life because help was too far away, telemedicine could be your lifeline to a new you.