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A “Quality of Life” approach for clients and their families.

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Midwest Institute for Addiction offers cutting-edge treatment for addiction that is affordable, flexible, and focused on your total quality of life rather than simply a sobriety date. MIA possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating substance use disorders. MIA provides person centered care, accepts most major insurance plans, and takes appropriate and ethical care very seriously. For this reason, we attract highly educated and trained staff of clinicians, doctors, and psychiatrist that comprise our dynamic treatment team. Our services include individual sessions, group sessions, free consultations, medication assisted detoxification, medication assisted treatment, family groups and sessions, and numerous services to equip individuals to optimize their recovery experience and improve in all aspects of their lives.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Relapse rates back into addictive patterns are at an alarmingly high percentage. At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we are well prepared to meet the current needs of our communities. Our clinical treatment staff Master’s and Doctorate level therapists. Our physicians are trained in addiction, pain management, internal medicine and co-occurring psychiatric issues such as depression and anxiety. Our multi-disciplinary team and loosely guided clinical programming allow for long-term care that is malleable to individual’s needs throughout the treatment process. This is necessary to truly improve in all aspects of the lives of our clients.

A Quality of Life Approach

To this aim, Midwest Institute for Addiction launched treatment through the Internet in a way that maintains confidentiality but delivers effective and comprehensive care. This new technology is termed as our telemedicine/virtual rehab program. In other words, individuals who do not have access to quality addiction treatment in their area can now receive treatment for their addiction. There are some requirements, clients must come to one of our locations for their initial set of appointments and once annually thereafter. Once the client is admitted into our care we deliver the services they need through telemedicine and integrate with local resources to facilitate an effective and complete program. Through our telemedicine feature, individuals can obtain medication to mitigate detoxification. We specialize in Suboxone, Zubsolv, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. These medications are dispensed and monitored regularly by our physicians while in our comprehensive treatment program.