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Where Your Experience Will Exceed Your Expectations

If you’ve ever wished that there was a drug rehab center in Sikeston that offered better hours, affordability, and offered you a chance to make the recovery process last, then consider the Midwest Institute for Addiction. Why is MIA different than the others? It shouldn’t be difficult, but many centers only treat your addiction to alcohol or drugs, but not the other areas of your life that have been affected by the addiction. What good does it do to clean out, only to still have problems relating to, or making amends with, your family, friends, or co-workers? At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we understand that, and this is why our programs work.
Through a wide range of specialized services we not only offer treatment for your addiction, but we also offer couples therapy, nutrition and health counseling, family therapy, and a wellness program. Right now, your quality of life may not be what you would like it to be. At Midwest Institute for Addiction we know how to take you where you are right now, and help you to get to where you want to be: happy, healthy, whole, and free from addiction. Participants who come to the Midwest Institute for Addiction often view us an extension of their family because we offer non-judgmental help, and give you back the power to reclaim your own life. We have a reputation in the Sikeston area for offering flexible hours (evenings and weekends included), as well as taking most private insurances. Our accessibility and our compassion have made us one of the leading treatment centers in the Sikeston area.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our treatment service model was born out of many years of working with people suffering from addictions to alcohol or drugs. Our service model addresses the fact that each participant is unique and so, the treatment should be also. When you enroll into the Midwest Institute for Addiction program, you will receive a highly trained group of doctors and other healthcare professionals whose one goal is long-term recovery for you. It is our belief that if we help you to find the tools that you need to recover from addiction, then you will be able to remain free from addiction permanently. We work with you to develop a recovery plan that is sustainable, long after the program has been completed.

What This Means to You

So what happens when you become part of the Midwest Institute for Addiction family? First, you will be evaluated so that we can get a very real idea of where you are both physically and emotionally. Then, we will develop a plan based on your preferences, schedule, and goals. You will be assigned a group of medical professionals that include dieticians to get your eating back on track, a medical doctor that will monitor the Suboxone and Vivitrol use, as well as provide medical monitoring and blood work. In addition, we offer multiple types of therapy and counseling for both you, your family, and your friends. Once you have successfully completed recovery, the Midwest Institute for Addiction remains available to you for life. That means that anytime you feel that you need us, we’ll be there for you. We’d like to be there for you now. If you are in the Sikeston area, why not call us for a free consultation?