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Bringing a “Quality of Life” Focus to Springfield

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There is certainly no shortage of need when it comes to substance abuse treatment; regardless of where you live. For many individuals and families dealing with addiction, finding quality treatment is a top priority but becomes more difficult the farther away you live from larger cities. Often, this is due to the relative niche’ market that is served by addiction treatment providers, which requires a much larger population to sustain. The need for treatment at any given time is proportionate to the population of the area so that a smaller population typically has less of a quantifiable need at any moment in time. The results? The same treatment found in a more populated area is not sustainable in more rural areas. Thus, creating either a lack of treatment or the inclusion of addiction treatment into another scope of practice that affects the quality of services. Midwest Institute for Addiction has continually sought to improve and expand our services. A key focus has been on access to treatment. Access is a function of logistics and financials so we have continually focused in those areas.

Bringing Treatment to Springfield:

  1. Access through technology platforms
  2. Access to a large pool of practitioners in other major cities that adjunct local services
  3. Access to care with networked providers
  4. Access to care that focuses on improving individual’s quality of life


Our addiction treatment program is focused on treating addiction but also the underlying and adjunctive issues while maintaining a focus on accessibility, compassion and person-centered approach. MIA is unique in its approach, combining comprehensive and modern treatment modalities with customer service focus that creates positive changes in the lives of our clients in an environment that is welcoming, understanding, and safe. We take pride in our “quality of life” treatment model, centered on the unique needs and circumstances of each person. Our rehabilitation personnel actively seek opportunities to create positive changes in others and use evidence-based addiction treatment services that include medical detox, psychiatric care and evaluation, therapy for individuals, families, couples and groups, nutrition and health counseling, and more. Our reputation is built on the foundation of compassion, responsiveness, flexibility, and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Treatment For Complex Addiction


Imagine a ball of ice filled with various materials and items. As we begin to melt the ice various items begin to fall onto the table (some of which we could view in the frozen state and others that were hidden). While it is obvious that we must clean up the liquid mess, there are now many other substances to clean. Knowing this, individuals may be inclined to grab a variety of cleaning materials to take care of the mess. Those that address only the liquid will likely catalyze a new and/or exaggerate an existing problem. Too often the treatment for addictive disorders, mental health, and behavioral issues follows this same path. The struggles clients face more times than not is due to a general disregard for the make-up of their battle and a narrowed focus on the substance use alone. Our “Quality of Life” approach is a fancy way of stating a focus that looks at the ball of ice in its entirety; all materials included. We understand that addiction is both the cause and effect of many other issues. Our focus is on the improvement of the quality of life of our clients which may look very different for each person engaged in treatment. Beyond the complex nature of each individual, there are also the issues of accessing quality drug and alcohol rehabs such as distance, finances, and time. Our Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine program offers MIA’s quality approach in areas across Missouri by managing your care, combining our resources and staff with those in your community, and ensuring the highest quality of treatment available to clients and their families.

Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine


What do we mean when we say Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine (VRTM)? We plan, coordinate and communicate our treatment, resources, and services around the unique life factors and needs of each individual by supplementing the resources already available to you with those of our physical locations. This enables clients to receive a complete continuum of care that they would otherwise not have access to in Springfield. Our VRTM clients visit one of our physical locations for their initial appointments and then annually thereafter. We implement our psychiatric care and medical care with local services and community resources. Clients have access to our physicians and staff whenever it is needed, which includes a Masters or Doctorate level clinician managing their care and/or providing clinical services. Clients receive 24-hour support from our on-call staff should crisis or struggles arise. No two VRTM programs look alike, so it is best to contact our treatment team to learn more about how we might provide care in specific circumstances. During the initial face-to-face appointments, indviduals are assessed in many areas and an initial treatment plan is developed.


What Does This Mean for You?


Everything we do is designed to exceed expectations, deliver high-quality treatment and customer service, and ensure access to those in need. MIA focuses on both access and flexibility for those struggling with addiction through person-centered programming, processes, and ethics. We are contracted with most major insurers, we are open at times most facilities are not, and we continue to implement new technology, programs, services, and staff to meet the growing demand for our treatment model. MIA maintains some of the most experienced physicians, therapists, and staff in Missouri who are accessible by phone and in-person. This ensures a high level of support, regardless of your schedule and obligations. Whereas other centers are focused on sales tactics and profits, we are focused on you, your care and your family. Our programs are not pre-planned and molded, they are determined by individual need and progress. There is not time limit or program length and we continue to provide services for as long as necessary. This may be managing an individual’s anti-depressant medication or continuing to provide couples therapy to a husband and wife; the point is, we focus on positive change and are with you for the long-haul.