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Midwest Institute for Addiction provides quality care in treating substance use disorders to those in St. Joseph, Missouri at our Kansas City facility and through telemedicine and online rehab services. This is obtained through a comprehensive and person centered approach to treatment. At Midwest Institute we strongly believe that addiction is a dysregulation of brain systems. Therefore it is pertinent to address each individual system in an effort to improve recovery and reduce relapse potential. We do this by offering cutting-edge technology, medication assisted treatment, psycho-education, and a competent and highly trained staff of clinicians and medical professionals. By addressing all areas affected by addiction, we improve treatment success and permit individuals plagued with addiction to begin improving their quality of life.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our highly trained professionals are comprised of licensed masters or doctorate level clinicians, medical doctors, and psychiatrists delivering services to those in St. Joseph, Missouri. There is a prosperity of treatment knowledge within the treatment team. In addition to our clinical team, we administer medical treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms, provide detoxification for alcohol, opiates, and other drugs, and promote overall health and wellness. Our most recent addition to our program, telemedicine and virtual rehab services, provides us with a unique opportunity to serve individuals with addictive disorders, while not being limited by traveling distances. Often times, those in more rural areas are limited in resources that offer adequate and/or comprehensive treatment. Our services are designed to supplement resources available in your area to facilitate an effective and holistic treatment plan. This process begins with a free consultation online or at one of our locations with a trained professional. At this consultation, we schedule prospective clients with initial face-to-face services at one of our facilities. Upon completion of the initial assessment, medical/psychiatric visit, and initial treatment planning session, clients receive services via our online platform in the comfort of their home. All visits will be done virtually with our medical and clinical staff with the exception of the initial appointments (scheduled in a single day) and once each year following admittance.

A Quality of Life Approach

We offer a variety of specialized treatment approaches and modalities not found in St. Joseph. Services include group therapy, individual sessions, family sessions, and other clinical services. Our medical team provides medication management, ambulatory detoxification, and general medical care. Our psychiatric team provides evaluation and medication management for psychiatric disorders and co-occurring disorders. The comprehensive and specialized approach to treating the addictive disorder is administered within the confines of an empathetic relationship with our treatment. We believe in administering quality treatment to address key areas affected by addiction. Our aim is to promote and foster growth and improve the quality of life of our clients.