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Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and fatal illness. If left untreated, it results in broken lives, discouraged families, imprisonment, and death. Treatment for addiction is a complex undertaking and requires tremendous willingness and readiness on the part of the afflicted. It also requires a solid foundation. At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we believe we are a step beyond other rehabilitation centers, and that we comprehend the complexities of addiction and recovery. Medication has become a key part in individual’s success for recovery. Medication helps solidify a foundation for recovery and aids in getting individuals through difficult stages of the treatment process. Unfortunately, medical care for addiction is something not easily found in the more rural areas of Missouri such as Sullivan. In fact, we have had many clients and families have to take the extra burden of traveling to St. Louis frequently for their care. This is one of the many cases for our new telemedicine – virtual rehab program.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

Our trained medical staff has expertise in prescribing and monitoring substances such as Zubsolv, Suboxone, naltrexone, and Vivitrol. Medication is just the starting point for recovery, and our trained clinicians have knowledge and experience implementing counseling techniques to improve functioning, coping, social functioning, and overall satisfaction while living a life free from substances. At MIA we offer individual sessions, family sessions, group sessions, and numerous other services to improve recovery rates. We pride ourselves in offering customized treatment in a compassionate and person centered manner. We believe that each individual is unique, therefore different approaches are more effective with certain types of individuals. There is not a single treatment for addiction and effective programs provide a multitude of treatments aimed at improving individual’s overall quality of life over a long-term program.

A Quality of Life Approach

This is not something that is possible when centers mandate intensive levels of care regardless of clinical need, charge high rates and require cash only payments, and limit services to those often found for free in community recovery programs. You will find none of these things at MIA. MIA is contracted with most insurance payers and accepts all commercial insurance for services. MIA specializes in assessing individuals and developing programs specific to their needs, circumstances, and resources. MIA now offers a telemedicine – virtual rehab program that enables the delivery of care and services to areas that are currently underserved. This program enables us to deliver our services over miles of geography and supplement resources available to individuals already to create a complete and effective program. We utilize the Internet to allow our services for medication assisted treatment and counseling into areas where treatment options were limited. This requires a single set of initial visits at one of our locations, either in Kansas City, Missouri or St. Louis, Missouri and then once annually. All other services are delivered online alongside local services through providers we communicate with to facilitate your care.