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*Face-to-face visits are available at all locations, and telemedicine is available for medical detox, psychiatric care, and therapy

Telemedicine for Addiction and Recovery

Customized Counseling, Psychiatric, and Medical Care


Midwest Institute for Addiction concentrates on “meeting clients where they are,” both figuratively and literally. Not only will we adapt your care to your condition, needs, and situation, but we will also adapt how you receive care to reach where you actually live. In fact, our plans even include the potential for Telemedicine when needed, for clients who live a substantial distance from our offices.
Our counseling and therapy services are expanding to provide for clients in need of alcohol rehab, drug rehab, opiate detox, drug detox, and withdrawal symptoms. Addressing these needs, our licensed professionals’ qualifications, education, case management skills, and collaborative approach set us apart from many other addiction centers.
MIA’s facts to consider:
For the most part, our clients who suffer from addiction are not suffering alone; their spouses, parents, and other family members suffer with them. MIA offers comprehensive services to help people with their recovery, relationships, marriages, finances, employment status, and more. Therapists can frame delivery of this counseling for the individual, a couple, or an entire family group.
We’ll help you in the way that best suits your concerns and give you the information and guidance you need to improve the quality of all aspects of your life. At MIA we also have on-site, psychiatric care; our doctor can prescribe needed medications and pharmaceutical therapies, such as Suboxone, Naltrexone, Vivitrol, Librium, and Methadone. These drugs, when properly and consistently managed by our firm’s psychiatrist, provide vital pieces that help to solve the complex puzzle of resolving addiction.

What This Means to You


What should all this information mean to you? First, MIA is “quality dense” in the services provided. We want you to know that we are confident we can design a course of treatment using any or all of these services to provide the right kind of care for your addicted loved one and for you. Every client has access to every service available through the Institute; frequency and scheduling are also personalized to include up to 20 hours of treatment per week if needed. Furthermore, with all the services available at our facility, we can combine our treatment assets—either by in-person delivery or by telemedicine—with your own local resources to facilitate a complete and beneficial program. If you could design your own treatment plan, isn’t this the way you’d do it? We’ll meet you “where you are.”

This means access to outpatient Substance Use medication management by a qualified prescribing provider who evaluates the individual’s need for medications to assist in detoxification and ongoing sobriety. Laboratory testing at the initial assessment and throughout treatment at MIA approved clinic within the client’s geographic area.

Clients will work towards abstinence from all non-prescribed mood altering substances, improving physical well-being and complete detoxification from abused chemicals. Clients will receive psychiatric and behavioral components of care and pharmacological therapy for craving control and euphoric inhibition, as well as, treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders and co-morbidities. Clients will gain the knowledge, insight, coping mechanisms, and support systems necessary to achieve and maintain long-term recovery and improve their quality of life by integrating MIA-VRTM services with those in their community.

Limitations not inherent in the traditional physician-patient relationship may be present in telemedicine in certain cases. Clients may need to visit their primary care physician prior to telemedicine services. Not all telemedicine appointments will result in the prescription of medication. Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunivail, Subutex) treatment is available through this program. Clients are required to have an initial and yearly Face-to-Face visit as well as random drug testing at a facility of MIA’s choosing upon request and on a regular basis. Follow-ups for all scheduled medications are conducted through video. The physician may require additional visits and labs be done and is purely up to the prescribing physician.