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Where Your Experience Will Exceed Your Expectations

If you’ve been putting off treatment for your addiction in the Warrensburg area, then telemedicine could be the technology you’ve been waiting for. Many put off treatment for a number of reasons, with access being one of the largest barriers to recovery. With the Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA) telemedicine program, you won’t have to worry about traveling a great distance, finding someone to watch the kids or try to explain to the boss why you have to take more time off for medical appointments. Now more than ever, our technology makes it easy and convenient to receive the treatment you need, even if you live in a remote area of Warrensburg. Our telemedicine approach brings the treatment to you, where you need it when you need it, and all in the privacy of your own home. Imagine receiving a customized addiction treatment plan designed for you and your circumstances in mind. This is possible with our telemedicine program.

A Comprehensive Treatment Team

When you elect to use our telemedicine addiction treatment program, after an initial in-person exam at our center in Warrensburg, you will work with a recovery team who will help you select a program that is not only sustainable long-term but works with your schedule. Your recovery team will consist of highly trained medical and health care professionals who treat your entire life, not just the addiction. That’s because at the Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA) we know that drug addiction and alcohol abuse have a far-reaching effect on everyone around you, often damaging relationships and hurting those who are closest to you. You will receive comprehensive support while you are receiving world class detoxification from abused substances. Pharmacological support is possible with this program (though not all) and may include the assistance of such Buprenorphine such as Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunivail, and Subutex. We are committed to helping you improve your quality of life, and will even extend our services long after you have left the program so that you can prevent a relapse.

A Quality of Life Approach

Using HIPAA approved technology your recovery team will interface with you regularly via the internet. We coordinate with your own medical personnel in Warrensburg and work in combination with them to support your recovery success. Suffering from the destructive nature of an addiction can take its toll on many areas of your life. At MIA, we are well aware of this and using our telemedicine protocols offer you the privacy, medical care, and detox, as well as the supportive counseling to help you increase the quality of life for your family, friends, co-workers. If you’d like to get your life back on track, and are ready to get your plan put into action, our telemedicine program can help.