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When you exceed expectations, it means that you go above and beyond ordinary. At the Midwest Institute for Addiction, we make ordinary, extraordinary. We do this by offering our participants multiple ways to engage in their own healing process, to recover from drug and alcohol dependency in a respectful and discreet manner. Telemedicine is one of the most popular ways for those living in Washington, as it saves you from the problems associated with having to travel into an actual center. Accessing the help that you need is easier than ever before using our state of the art, HIPPA approved virtual medicine interface program. We know that having to make arrangements to make several weekly trips into a drug rehab center can take its toll on you, your wallet, and your family’s schedule. Telemedicine allows you to receive the care you need, from the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your own schedule.

Comprehensive Treatment For Complex Addiction


The Midwest Institute for Addiction does not believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment program for drugs and alcohol. Each person who enters into treatment in Washington receives highly customized plans for recovery. This allows us to partner with your local doctor in Washington to create a program that will work for you, and that is sustainable once you’ve completed the program. Most of all, we work with you where you are right now. Comprehensive treatment first begins with an in-person evaluation at our Washington center. This allows us to obtain the most detailed information about how your body deals with addiction. Then, based on this information, we coordinate with your local doctor to deliver you a holistic, total lifestyle program, which not only addresses your addiction but all of those areas in your life that may have also suffered as a result of your addiction. The drug and alcohol recovery program through the telemedicine platform brings a team of doctors and support personnel to work with you as your personal recovery team. Comprised of counselors, therapists, and even career and financial counselors, we work with you to make sure you are given every opportunity to make positive, and lasting, changes in your life. We are committed to your long-term success so that even after you have completed your drug rehab, your access to our services is offered for a lifetime. We are here when you need us, always.

What Does This Mean for You?


Telemedicine services mean that no longer is distance a barrier to your recovery from addiction. Each year millions of people put off drug and alcohol treatment because of where they live. With Telemedicine, this is no longer an issue, and it is a way for you to make long-term changes in your life for the better, as well as receiving the highest level of care from many healthcare professionals. Accepting most private insurances, we work with you and your trusted family doctor to make sure that your quality of life increases, and that your family and you have a chance at a fresh start. The first step is to set up an appointment for your initial consultation. You could be one mouse-click away from recovery.