St. Louis Rehab Center Treatment Overview

Elements of Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Rehabilitation Center in St. Louis, Missouri

Our St. Louis alcohol rehab offers various levels of care and an individualized approach to treatment. But, while each client’s program varies based on their needs and circumstances the basic overview of this treatment will not. Clients in Midwest Institute for Addiction’s programs will receive medical care, psychiatric care, and behavioral care; we label these elements physical, psychiatric, and behavioral. A brief description of each element of care is provided below.

Physical: We address the physical withdrawals and pain associated with chemical addiction, as well as, a full physical and consultation with our Medical Doctor during our rehab program. We help the individual transition comfortably from dependence of these chemicals and provide continuing medical care to maintain homeostasis and address co-occurring issues. As we progress in treatment other aspects of alcohol and drug addiction treatment increase in effectiveness. During detox in our St. Louis alcohol rehab center we use medications such as Suboxone and Librium to cope with withdrawals (from prescription opiates, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and other addictive substances), as well as, other medications to treat associated symptoms; the end goal is to be free of all chemical substances.

  • Physical and History by our Medical Doctor
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Blood samples and vitals to monitor health
  • Toxicology to monitor health and abstinence
  • Detoxification Medications
  • Pain management and recovery of Homeostasis
  • Suboxone, Sutubex, Naltrexone, Vivitrol® for opiate rehab
  • Librium, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol® for alcohol rehab

Psychiatric: We protect the brain and allow the healing process to begin. Our rehab center staff is able to accomplish this through the use of neurotransmitter antagonists such as Naltrexone and the Vivitrol® injection. This dopamine-blocker renders the drug useless when used and helps control cravings associated with relapse. Co-occurring disorders are treated as necessary by our alcohol rehab staff concurrently.

  • Initial evaluation by our Psychiatrist
  • Evaluation by our Psychologist
  • Ongoing psychiatric care
  • ASI assessments
  • Anti-Craving Medications (Naltrexone, Vivitrol ®)
  • Medications that block the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol if used (Naltrexone, Vivitrol ®)
  • Treatment of Co-occurring disorders (i.e. depression, anxiety, et cetera)

Behavioral: Our alcohol rehab in St. Louis, MO uses individual, family, and group therapy to deal with the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. Individual counseling teaches the individual how to cope with life without the use and reliance on alcohol and drugs while not at our rehab facility. Family counseling helps family members affected by the disease and teaches them how to cope with the situation and support the treatment of another. Group counseling allows for multiple patients to work with a counselor together to learn from one another, as well as, the counselor, and becomes a source of social support for the patient inside our alcohol rehab in St. Louis, MO and outside the facility wherever life takes them.

  • Individual, Family, Couples, Group, Family Group therapy
  • Dietitian therapy
  • Health and Wellness therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation groups
  • Give knowledge about what is occurring
  • Give the client insight into their particular situation
  • Teach coping skills for future stressors and triggers
  • Provide social support for long-term recovery
  • Unlimited LIFETIME therapy for clients leaving our programs


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