A Center for Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis can Help Troubled Teenagers

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Alcoholism is a serious problem in the US. There are at least 14 million people around the country who struggle with alcoholism to varying degrees, including cities like St. Louis, Missouri. Since the prevalence of alcohol in mainstream media may have an adverse influence on children and teenagers, a story on AL.com discusses how parents can help their offspring fight alcoholism, especially with that Alcohol Awareness Month in full swing:

Alcohol Awareness

“While you may think your kids are not listening, research shows parents have the greatest influence over a youth’s decision not to drink. Make clear your views and expectations about alcohol and always be a responsible role model.

As your child matures, so should these discussions. Be mindful that most teens who drink get alcohol from their homes, at parties or from other adults. Keep track of the alcohol products in your home and be aware of your teen’s friends and activities.

Importantly, youth are more likely to avoid alcohol when they have a strong bond with their parents based on trust and open communication. So keep talking.”

As parents, it is important for you to guide your teens on proper alcohol consumption before they reach the legal drinking age. Lack of guidance could lead to difficulty in concentrating on their studies, as well as harmful tendencies like suicidal thoughts and involvement in promiscuous activities. Despite your vigilance, however, your teen may have actually been drinking for awhile and may already be an alcoholic without you knowing it.

Fortunately, there are ways to tell if your child has a drinking problem. The most obvious sign would be frequently reeking of the smell of alcohol, but this could also be supported by mood swings and the presence of alcohol-related paraphernalia (empty bottles, for example) among his or her belongings. If your teen has been showing these signs, then it is time to consider approaching reputable centers that offer alcohol rehab in St. Louis to tackle the problem.

Such centers- like the Midwest Institute for Addiction- have facilities, treatment programs, and a supportive atmosphere all geared to fighting alcohol addiction. If you feel that your child is in danger of becoming, or already is, an alcoholic, you can be sure that these St. Louis alcohol rehab centers will help them lead normal lives as sober young adults.

Remember: April may be Alcohol Awareness Month, but it’s up to you to protect your children from the negative consequences of alcoholism all year round.

(Source: April is Alcohol Awareness Month, AL.com, April 7, 2014)