Chief Keef’s Rehab Stint, Useful Example for St. Louis Rehab Patients

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Despite being glorified by the media, celebrities are human too. Just like any regular person, they can get addicted to drugs and, as is the case with more than a few of them, fight to overcome the addiction to lead happy and healthy lives.
Chief Keef, a rapper and record label CEO, was recently released from court oversight on February 28, following a 90-day stint at a California drug rehab facility. The celebrity’s rehab time follows a string of failed drug tests, one of which landed him a jail stay of 10 days.
The Chicago Times covers the story and has this to say about it:

[T]he Cook County judge warned the rap artist, whose real name is Keith Cozart: “If I see you again, you’re going to be singing your praises in jail.”
After the hearing at the Skokie branch courthouse, Cozart, who was joined by his lawyer and an entourage of handlers and supporters, said he felt “cool” and vowed, “I ain’t coming back.”

In a world where some celebrities make the news for dropping out of rehab early, Chief Keef’s show of fortitude in staying with the program should be seen as a step in the right direction. As many addicts find out all too late, getting through a rehab program, especially one as long as what that the rapper went through, needs a certain open-mindedness and willingness to submit to the treatment.

chief keef completes rehab feels cool

That Chief Keef is resolute about not returning to rehab is also promising. It shows that the rapper may follow through with what he learned in the center and go on to overcome his addiction once and for all. The article goes on to note the judge’s positive remark regarding the effort he put in to the experience:

Today, Judge Earl Hoffenberg said the rapper “did really what I wanted him to do.”

Individuals who find themselves checked into a drug rehab in St. Louis should see the celebrity’s experience as an example. Going through rehab is hard, that’s bound to be a given, but it doesn’t mean that they should fight the system.
Of course, choosing the right St. Louis rehab facility is also important, and that’s where caring rehab centers like the Midwest Institute for Addiction step in. So long as the patient takes full advantage of the program’s various aspects—detoxing, diet planning, meditation, etc.—and personally resolves to challenge one’s self to change for the better, good things are bound to happen.

(Source: Chief Keef completes rehab, feels ‘cool’,Chicago Tribune, February 28, 2014)