Drink Moderately: Tips from Top Rehabilitation Centers in St. Louis

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the U.S. In the spirit of raising awareness on alcohol abuse, here is an uplifting story from USA Today. In it, Vikings Middle Linebacker Erin Henderson shares his thoughts on his battle with alcohol abuse:

Erin Henderson

“There would be times where I would come to practice hung over,” Henderson, 27, told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. “Never just fresh off of drinking coming into practice, but I might have had a rough night the night before and I’d be in front of the huddle calling plays, and everybody would know that I had been out drinking the night before.

“I’ve learned that substance abuse is often a byproduct of different things,” Henderson said. “For me, it was my way of numbing things and not having to worry about a lot of things. That’s pretty much what I did.

“When I look back on it, I realize that’s not living. That’s not life… Life is not meant to just be coasted through. But one of the things they tell us a lot in rehab is there’s nothing that a drink won’t make worse.”

Like Henderson, you may have also worked hard with professionals to overcome your struggles with alcohol. However, finishing an inpatient recovery program at a trusted St. Louis rehabilitation center is not the end of your journey.

Being a legal substance, it is incredibly easy to get your hands on alcohol and succumb to the “there’s-no-harm-in-one-more-bottle” syndrome. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to limit the amount of alcohol you consume:

Proper Pacing

Drinking is not a race, so do not feel compelled to finish a bottle in one go. Taking small sips instead of large gulps can help you significantly reduce the overall amount of alcohol you consume. At the same time, this method helps prevent you from getting drunk.

Smaller Servings

You don’t always have to order the biggest serving. Order a bottle of beer instead of a pint the next time you’re out. However, be careful that you don’t drink the equivalent of multiple large servings.

Outpatient Treatment

Continuous treatment is vital to keeping your drinking in control. Regularly consulting a therapist can help you identify and avoid situations that trigger your drinking. Fortunately, many rehabilitation centers in St. Louis, MO like Midwest Institute for Addiction offer just that: outpatient sessions to help support people in their fight against alcohol addiction.

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