Drug Rehab in Missouri Can Help Dependents Sleep Better Without Drugs

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An April 7, 2014 story on The Daily discusses one of the biggest reasons why a lot of Americans keep on using certain drugs despite the known dangers attached to them:

Quick Solution

“The culture of Western medicine favors administering a drug for an immediate solution over preventing problems before they occur. Sometimes, even before all other options have been exhausted, we believe chemicals are the best way to handle our issue.

Buying a certain product does not mean that you are buying a cure, but advertisements can lead people to think that is the case. Take one of the Lunesta advertisements as an example: It promises you “the sleep you’ve been dreaming of” and “soothing rest for the mind and body.” Anyone who has experienced chronic insomnia can understand how appealing that sounds — the advertisement makes you think you need the product even if that might not be true.”

The article also points out that heavy dependence on medication to help people get some sleep is an unhealthy option, as it will only encourage a downward spiral of dependency and crippling withdrawal symptoms. People who have become dependent on these drugs can seek help by going to a trusted drug rehab in Missouri.

In the age of media saturation and continuous globalization, sleep has become more of a luxury rather than a commodity. About 20% of Americans suffer from insomnia, and around 56% experience one or more of its symptoms. Children are not spared from this condition, as more and more children are staying up at night and finding themselves without energy after the sun rises.

The need for sleep has driven people to look for drugs and other ways to help them get much needed sleep. Besides helping them get some shut eye, some of these drugs have taken root in the system of their dependents. Dependence on a drug can cause problems like anxiety and depression if the drug or alcohol is not within reach.

This is why drug and alcohol treatment in St. Louis is important. Facilities like the Midwest Institute for Addiction will supervise the development of dependents admitted into the facility. They also have an environment suitable for rewiring oneself into a sober lifestyle. Rehab, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

People who admit that they have a problem getting to bed without their meds is the first step towards recovery. The next step they should take is to consult experts who can help them heal.

(Source: Need for a quick solution can develop drug dependency, The Daily, April 7, 2014)