Drug Rehab in St Louis Helps Address Substance Abuse in Pregnant Women

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Expectant mothers who use illegal substances while pregnant, or gave birth while under the influence, could pass the substance on to their children. They are recommended to seek rehab. A Tennessee mother, however, had to first endure a court case. Aaron Wright, of NBC affiliate WBIR in Tennessee, reports:

Mom Charged Under Drug Addicted Baby

A Monroe County woman will be the first in Tennessee to plead guilty to charges of giving birth to a baby who tested positive for meth.

Back in July – Mallory Loyola was the first mother charged under a new law that punishes mothers who use drugs while pregnant.

Tuesday, she entered a guilty plea to avoid jail time. Loyola’s attorney says it’s the best resolution. She’ll avoid jail time, and instead get the help she needs.

Substance abuse among pregnant women is as much a problem in St Louis, Missouri as it is anywhere else in the country. Some studies claim that up to 50% of all babies born anywhere in the U.S. will have been exposed to maternal drug use and will have suffered from neonatal abstinence syndrome. The Missouri Child Welfare Manual details the problem further. The newborn’s nourishment in the city is also a problem due to thefts of baby formula by drug dependents, who resell the products and use the proceeds to fund their drug habits.

What if your loved one gave birth but seriously needs help from substance abuse? You must sign them up for drug rehab with St Louis experts like the ones at Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA). Looking at a rehab patient’s file helps the center’s personnel structure treatment programs. Some programs may require the patient to temporarily stay at the complex or set up scheduled visits.

According to court records, Loyola admitted smoking meth a few days before she gave birth on July 6, 2014, and police officers arrested her for simple assault two days after. She is now mandated to undergo a “beginnings program” and has expressed remorse for what happened.

Professionals at drug rehab in St. Louis, MO, including the team at MIA, are capable of running patients through various practical and counseling activities to gauge their level of detoxification. The findings will be recorded for court perusal and further action. Loyola’s lawyer said the charge will be stayed for six months and the program findings will be reviewed at the end of the period.

Mothers under the habit must never say it’s too late to seek professional help. Support from their loved ones and drug rehab professionals can boost them through such a trying time. Loyola herself is hopeful about a future for her daughter, as she is seeking visitation rights.

(Source: Mom charged under drug-addicted baby law going to rehab, WBIR, 5 August 2014)