Is It Time For You to Consider Entering an Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis?

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Missouri has a somewhat laissez-faire approach to its alcohol regulations. In fact, cities and counties within the state are prohibited from banning retail sales of liquor, and in St. Louis, bars have longer operating hours with a standard closing time of 3 AM. These laws allow its citizens to have increased access to alcoholic drinks and beverages, which in turn can lead to dependency if consumption becomes more frequent.

If you think you’re having heavy drinking problems, you might want to assess yourself to find out if you need to seek alcohol rehab in St. Louis.

Most people who experience problems with drinking, simply quit. They have one particularly painful or embarrassing drinking incident, wake up the next morning and tell themselves, “Never again!” and that’s it. They stop drinking; just like that, no problem.

If you have done the same thing — told yourself you would never get that drunk again, or even drink again — but found yourself a few days later doing exactly what you swore to yourself you would never do, chances are your drinking falls into the category of alcohol abuse, at the very least, and alcohol dependence at worse.

Alcohol consumption has many different causes, so paying attention to these can help you determine if you are drinking more than you should and confirm if you are indeed alcohol dependent.

How can I tell if i have a Drinking problem

Pressure and Emotions

It is widely known that many people experiencing a depressing moment in their lives turn to alcohol for relief, same as people under constant stress. Being in the company of frequent drinkers also puts you at a higher risk of consumption.


Research has shown that genetic factors appear to be related to alcohol dependence and other substance abuse, so that may contribute to your drinking problems as well.

Chemical Imbalances

Alcohol affects the brain by stimulating the release of chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which produce pleasurable sensations of reward and well-being. Constantly seeking to duplicate these sensations often leads to persistent drinking and thus addiction.

Alcoholism is a very serious- and sometimes life-threatening- problem. That’s why it is vital to seek professional support to avoid hitting rock bottom. Undergoing cutting-edge treatments from a St. Louis alcohol rehab center like the Midwest Institute for Addiction can help you find your way back up.


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