Missouri Drug Rehab Treatment: Preparing for the Road to Recovery

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Stories of celebrities struggling with drug issues often make it to entertainment shows and gossip magazines. The Daily Mail writers Shyam Dodge and Tom Leonard report, however, that a big story managed to slip out of showbiz reporters’ grasp several years ago, and it’s only now that the facts surfaced.

Angelina Jolie the Heroin Addict

Her eyes are bloodshot and hollow, her arms emaciated and scratched.

Pacing about her living room, Angelina Jolie picks at her skin with her filthy fingernails as her self-proclaimed drug dealer films her in a rambling phone conversation with her father.

Astonishing video footage has surfaced of the Oscar-winning actress looking anything but the internationally acclaimed humanitarian and one half of Hollywood’s most glamorous couple.

Franklin Meyer claims he shot the 16-minute footage with Jolie’s consent in 1999 after she called him round to her Manhattan home to re-supply her with heroin and cocaine.

While some view the release of the old footage as a slight to the now-revered Jolie, those currently struggling with similar issues can look at it as a motivation to turn things around. Although there’s no definite word on how Jolie, now a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, overcame her drug addition, she is a living proof that there’s always a way to turn over a new leaf. One thing drug dependents can consider is to seek treatment at a Missouri drug rehab center. Here are things to keep in mind.

Be committed.

People who have a goal to pursue won’t be successful if they don’t have the passion and commitment to reach that goal. While family members and friends are always around to give moral support, drug dependents need to remember that they have to do the work themselves.

Don’t overindulge.

Some people find it tempting to overindulge in drugs days or weeks before they start a recovery program. Doing so can have negative—even extremely tragic—consequences. So, those who want to leave their dark past behind for good should avoid situations which could tempt them to overindulge, like hanging out in St. Louis’ hot spots for drugs.

Get rid of negativity.

Even if it doesn’t guarantee instant recovery, undergoing drug or alcohol treatment in a St. Louis facility like Midwest Institute for Addiction can serve as a huge first step to full recovery. What drug dependents can do is to keep an open mind and think positively. Being anxious and fearful of what’s to come can only badly affect their recovery process.

No matter how dark things may seem, drug dependents should remember there’s always hope. Walking down the road to recovery requires commitment and effort; rehab specialists and counsellors at established treatment facilities can help them.

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