Reputable Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri: Purge the Habit for Good

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Professionals in any field can be pulled down by substance abuse, even if he is one of the rising stars. The New York Daily News’ Hank Gola writes about one such person:

Golf Star Dustin Johnson

The secret is out, not that it was ever a well-kept one.

Dustin Johnson’s leave of absence, announced by the 30-year-old golfer on Thursday, coincides with a six-month suspension by the PGA Tour, as first reported by on Friday, for a failed drug test for cocaine earlier this year.

The situation that envelops the incumbent WGC-HSBC Champions title holder is something Missourians hear a lot about. The Show-Me State has been a hotbed for transit of cocaine, despite the prevalence of marijuana use. The state and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms recently scored a victory in the local drug war by indicting several suspects on selling at least $1 million in cocaine and crack cocaine.

If your loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, trusted drug rehab centers in Missouri like the Midwest Institute for Addiction can guide him or her to kick the habit for good. When dealing with repeat offenders, established rehab facilities check their previous records to determine creation of a stronger, more focused rehab program.

Johnson, for instance, isn’t a newbie in the illegal substance market. He tested positive for marijuana in 2009 and had his first episode with cocaine testing in 2012, which earned for him a suspension at the time. However, no further details were presented as the PGA Tour may opt not to elaborate on player violations and associated penalties of its recreational drug use policies. On the other hand, the association may reveal a player’s use of performance-enhancing drugs.

An insider in Johnson’s camp disclosed that the recent test was held sometime before the Byron Nelson Classic a few months ago. To allay fears of the results, the player passed the time by continuing to play every week and eventually agreeing to go on a leave of absence instead of being slapped with the suspension.

There is still hope for people who’ve been waylaid by illegal substances, particularly when they give themselves a chance to enter a credible Missouri rehabilitation center for treatment. Johnson knows the price he has to pay; he expressed optimism that the professional help he seeks will enable him to get back in full playing form.

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