Seeking Rehab in St. Louis as Component of DUI Conviction Penalties

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Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) is bad enough if you’re a person of good standing. Getting slapped with a court-mandated stay in rehab after conviction, however, may seem like the situation just got much worse than it should. Then again, it could actually be a good thing, as it’s probably a necessary step to put you back on track.

David Cassidy

This scenario is exemplified clearly in Alan Duke’s report with CNN, involving yet another celebrity:

“Former teen idol David Cassidy must spend the next five years on probation after pleading no contest to a drunken driving charge in Los Angeles on Monday.

A judge also ordered Cassidy, 63, to spend 90 days in alcohol rehab, but since he’s been in a residential program since his arrest in January he will be able to check out soon and resume his entertainment career, his manager said,

Cassidy was arrested after a California Highway Patrol officer stopped him for making an illegal turn at a red light near the Los Angeles International Airport in January.

The singer-actor blew .19 – twice the legal level – on an alcohol test administered by the officer who stopped his rented Chevrolet Impala, according to a California Highway Patrol statement.”

Cassidy’s attorney said that while the singer-actor was ordered to undergo 90 days’ residential rehab, a sobriety coach spent one month guiding him. The court also mandated Cassidy to attend an alcohol-education program for nine months.

Penalties for a DUI arrest in Missouri can be just as harrowing as it is out west. Missouri state law mandates a blood alcohol content (BAC) threshold of 0.02% for drivers under 21 years old and 0.08% for people over 21; third-strike offenders lose their license for ten years and face up to four years’ jail time. If the court orders you to undergo treatment for alcohol abuse as part of the conviction, professionals at rehab in St. Louis, like the good people at Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA), are ready to help you.

Counseling sessions with a rehab specialist can focus on why DUIs continue to pile on your record and to examine the previous cases. An alcohol treatment program designed by your rehabilitation counselor may also warrant in-patient solutions and, as circumstances dictate, monitored out-patient visits.

DUIs are often tedious challenges to surpass, especially for repeat offenders like Cassidy. On a more positive note, however, experts at alcohol rehab in St Louis, MO such as the MIA team will help lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

(Source: David Cassidy gets probation, rehab for DUI conviction, CNN, 26 March 2014)