St. Louis Alcohol Rehab Helps People Save Reputations and Their Lives

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Alcohol addiction and abuse is among the most notorious forms of addiction, what with the public’s easy access to beers, wines, and other kinds of liquor. Consuming alcohol can be fun, yes, even relaxing and healthy, but too much of it and things can take a turn for the worst in an instant.

Dennis Rodman

CNN’s Steve Forrest reports on how former NBA player Dennis Rodman, for example, needed to get himself checked into rehab for alcoholism after earning the public’s ire for making irresponsible statements while drunk:

“Dennis Rodman came back from North Korea in pretty rough shape emotionally. The pressure that was put on him to be a combination ‘super human’ political figure and ‘fixer’ got the better of him,” his agent, Darren Prince, said Sunday in a written statement. “He is embarrassed, saddened and remorseful for the anger and hurt his words have caused.”

Prince said Rodman is at a facility in New Jersey, one with a “28- or 30-day” program. He said Rodman drank heavily in North Korea during a recent tumultuous trip to the secretive state to play a basketball game with some former NBA stars against national team players from the regime.

The obvious lesson in this sordid tale is for people to watch how much they drink so that they can watch what they say. As professionals note, however, alcohol-dependents would hardly have the will to avoid drinking, no matter how aware they may be of the repercussions it entails. People who think that they are prone to making slip talks because of their consumption of booze, just like Rodman, shouldseek the help of a qualified St. Louis alcohol rehab.

Slip talking is only one of the many ways how excessive alcohol intake can severely damage people’s reputations. Alcohol affects parts of the brain that control judgment, concentration, and behavior, and can lead alcoholics to give poor work performance, damage relationships with family and friends, and even involve them in criminal behavior. It is very important to take immediate action, such as going to an alcohol rehab near St. Louis, as soon as they notice changes in the way they behave.

More than damaged reputations, alcohol abuse is also proven to cost drinkers their lives. A significant number of people continue to endanger lives with drunk driving, while there are some that have met their untimely demise from alcohol poisoning. Those who are in obvious need of help for their alcohol-dependency should therefore be given the proper kind of help as soon as possible. It’s never too late to try and turn things around.

(Source: Dennis Rodman checks into alcohol rehab after N. Korea trip, Steve Forrest, January 19, 2014)