St. Louis, MO Rehab Facilities Help Patients Transition to New Lives

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Falling into the traps of addiction can be the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Pain, suffering, and other adverse effects of abusing alcohol and prohibited substances are often masked with temporary highs and false feelings of enjoyment. Addiction brings in a lot of problems that result in the derailment of achieving goals and slipping from the ladder of success. However, there is always a chance to get up and recover. The Huffington Post recently reported a success story of a former addict who has now founded a website for people to share positivity:

The Daily Love Founder

Mastin Kipp was living in Hollywood and working as a music manager when he realized he had developed a dependency on drugs and alcohol.

“In Hollywood, there’s a certain type of lifestyle that comes up – sex, drugs, and rock and roll – and it was a lot of fun, until it wasn’t a lot of fun,” he told HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

“Some people have Starbucks,” he continued. “I did drugs. Every single day.”

Kipp went on to quit drugs and leave his job in music to start The Daily Love, a website described as “a place to love and be loved.”

While getting hooked on alcohol and drugs is unfortunate, freeing oneself from the chains of addiction can be done with great effort and a strong resolve. It will take some time to do and a lot of support from family and friends, but the task is doable as many others have proven to be true. Moreover, many qualified St. Louis, MO rehab facilities, such as Midwest Institute for Addiction, are always ready to help patients get up on their feet and start the transition from their old selves and into new, brighter lives.

Rehabilitation centers have been established for the purpose of giving people chances to truly find themselves and see how they want their lives to be. These facilities offer a break from the normal surroundings of a substance dependent and will try to prevent any forms of temptation from taking over and derailing more success stories from being written. Going into rehab can be the break most people need to get that head start into living the life of a better version of their selves.

While it is ideal that people addicted to alcohol and drugs opt for inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab in St. Louis is also a viable option for those who are just looking for an extra boost to prevent falling into relapse. Either as an inpatient or outpatient, what’s important is that those with addiction problems are seeking professional help and that they want to have that chance to enjoy a new and normal life.

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