St. Louis Rehabilitation Center Helps Binge Drinkers Ward off Harm

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How do you define binge drinking? Do you have a specific number of bottles, shots, or glasses in mind, or do you think it’s subjective and means “so much that you get sick and pass out”? Well, you can certainly have your own definition, but for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking means drinking enough to reach the blood alcohol level of .08, which is usually reached after the 4th or 5th drink in 2 hours.

Binge drinking 'impairs immune system' in young adults

Aside from feeling the effects of intoxication, the high blood alcohol levels can also wreak havoc on your immunity. In a study by the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, it was revealed that binge drinking weakens the immunity of healthy young adults. In the experiment, the immunity of the participants surged 20 minutes right after their peak intoxication level. 2-5 hours later, however, their immune system activities were reduced,

The times that the blood samples were taken are significant since they represent the usual time that patients with alcohol-related injuries are taken to hospitals for treatment. The binge drinking’s effects can delay wound healing, increase blood loss, and put the patients are higher risks of infection. Knowing these mechanisms could help doctors anticipate them and prepare to modify the treatment they provide.

Preventing Binge Drinking in the First Place

If your partner or a loved one has a history of binge drinking, they’re going to need your help to avoid the dangers linked to alcohol abuse. Taking them for treatment at a quality St. Louis rehabilitation center would be the first step, but once they’re discharged you have to help them stay on track of their recovery.

It can be difficult for them to stay away from “temptations” and stick to treatment plans, especially when they are at parties or when they feel stressed, both of which influence alcohol abuse. They might also miss their follow-ups when they’re busy with work or their studies. Make sure you create a comprehensive plan with them, and include precautions like avoiding slippery situations and having your number handy in a pinch.

It also helps to have them get treatment from established outpatient rehab facilities in St Louis, MO, such as the Midwest Institute for Addiction. The specialists tailor a customized treatment that will be sensitive to the person’s lifestyle. If medications, support groups, or one-on-one counselling helps the person, then that will be included in the comprehensive management of their condition.

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