When Drug Rehab in St. Louis Helps Crack the Dependence on Mary Jane

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If you have a female friend who lights a bong one too many times, you shoulder consider having her undergo professional help for ending their substance abuse. In her September 5, 2014 article for VOXXI.com, writer Hope Gillette says:

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical in marijuana responsible for its psychological effects. While every individual experiences THC differently as a general rule, new research suggests gender may also play a role in marijuana sensitivity.

According to researchers conducting the first gender-specific THC study, smoking marijuana is considered riskier for women, and it all has to do with how the chemical interacts with estrogen.

Previous studies have shown women are more prone to marijuana addiction and dependence, and experience more severe withdrawal symptoms. What’s more, women build up a tolerance to THC significantly faster than men; in the study, researchers found female rats given a 30 percent lower THC dose than male rats immediately started building a tolerance to it.

Who does marijuana affect more-men or women

The above comes as efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri have not quite generated the right amount of consensus. Bills recently filed by Reps. Chris Kelly and the late Rory Ellinger did not make it past the House floor and the state partly relaxed its tough possession regulations by making possession of less than ten grams of cannabis a Class D misdemeanor with associated fine. If you feel a loved one’s marijuana addiction has already crossed the line, arrange for drug rehab in St. Louis through facilities such as the Midwest Institute for Addiction.

The tests, which were carried out at a Washington State University research lab, revealed that the female rats’ ovulation period was the time when their THC sensitivity peaked. The findings involved hormonal manipulation and analysis of the rats during their body cycles. Lead researcher Rebecca Craft said that the amount applied was “the lowest dose anyone has ever used to induce tolerance.”

The tolerance of marijuana among men is worth noting. Craft said male marijuana users were more susceptible than women to the “munchies effect,” or increased appetite, when the effects kick in.

Drug rehab at St Louis, MO centers like the MIA can be a viable base to further aid people who’ve experimented with more potent marijuana strains. Craft warns that the new strains’ higher THC content against lower cannabidiol can raise a woman’s risk of severe bouts of delusional behavior.


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