A St. Louis Alcohol Rehab Center Can Help Teens Addicted to Alcohol

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Given the lax alcohol laws in St. Louis, Missouri, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about underage drinking. While the legal drinking age for the state is 21, fake I.D.s can give teenagers easier access to alcohol. Developing an unhealthy drinking habit at a young age can give way to a number of health and emotional problems that might necessitate the need for your child to take part in a St. Louis alcohol rehab program.

Kids' Perception of Parents' Favoritism Counts More Than Reality

Raising children is hard work. There are many factors that can affect a child’s development, and at times some of those factors are beyond a parent’s control. Although you deeply care for your children, there may be some actions that children may end up misconstruing. For example, even if you believe that you love all your children equally, your actions may show some favoritism towards one, making the others feel left out.

According to a study conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University, there may be a link between having favoritism within the family and substance abuse in teenagers. The proponents conducted interviews with 282 pairs of siblings between the ages of 12-17, enquiring if their parents showed preferential treatment towards any of them and asking questions regarding their vices, habits and behavior. While the results failed to show any link between favoritism and delinquency, there is a correlation between delving in substance abuse when a teenager feels alienated in their own family.

An article by KRWG.org states, “Earlier studies have found that many if not most parents do have a favorite child. And though parents usually strive to hide that, it’s not always successful. That differential treatment has been linked to problems with family relationships and risky behavior in teens.”

Their research showed that the more out of place a teenager feels, the more likely they are to fall into the temptation of using alcohol, cigarettes and drugs at an early age. The study also showed, however, that the negative effects of perceived favoritism can be prevented by having closer family bonds. The adolescents who experience preferential treatment but maintain a good, open relationship with their parents claim that they are less likely to engage in risky activities.

There are influences outside the home which can lead to a teenager succumbing to alcohol abuse. If you believe that your teen is suffering from alcohol addiction, a St. Louis, MO alcohol rehab center such as the Midwest Institute for Addiction may have programs that can provide the proper care and treatment your child needs.

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