Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis: Vital to Help the Youth Hit by the Bottle

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Early adulthood is the time that young adults learn to prepare and become more responsible for their own lives. The dangerous side of that, however, is that any one of them can be led astray and fall through the cracks impelled by the pursuit of virtue or vice. All too often, it’s easy for these people to the use and abuse alcohol, “mixed” with hot tempers and flying fists. For the few with a family who cares, and resources to spare, a rehab is one of the many stops at numerous attempts to treat and heal. Randy Dotinga of HealthDay, cited a University of Tennessee-Knoxville/Florida State University study that underscored how certain incidents of campus violence will have alcohol as the trigger, more than marijuana or other drugs would.

Alcohol Tied to Domestic Violence on College Campuses

This is a serious issue among Missouri parents and their children, especially those who are not yet 21. A Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation paper from 2011 revealed that youth violence cost the state around $691 million. Teenagers who got away with drinking the first time at around 15 years old are likely to be alcohol-dependent by the time they hit majority age than youths who just had their first drink after turning 21.

Considering that a serving of hard drinks in Missouri costs $1.05 a head on average, this represents a clear and present danger you or your loved one must avoid. For some others, however, the habit of drink had set in, and treatment has since become part of their agenda through alcohol rehab at St Louis centers like the Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA).


A look at alcohol-fueled tendencies may be part of the initial evaluation at the rehab center. The UTK/FSU study had a select number of committed-relationship of male and female college students who log in their daily activities for 90 days. The entries revealed that both sexes exhibited high levels of aggression a few drinks in.

The men, for example, exhibit physical aggression and commit sexual advances if they downed up to five shots, with psychological abuse in the offing if the binges wore on. The women, similarly, became physically aggressive and bolder as they drank, the data added.


A St Louis alcohol rehab center, such as the MIA, will have a variety of services in place to help a youth patient wean off the craving for alcohol. An ongoing detox program will involve administering medications, such as Naltrexone and Vivitrol® to address withdrawal symptoms. Family members may also be involved in the therapy. It is never too late to help a loved one who was led astray by alcohol, especially if he (or she) has much potential to redeem himself and succeed later in life.

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