A Certified St. Louis Drug Rehab Helps in Recovery from Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamines (crystal meth) are one of the more dangerous illegal substances that require immediate and effective rehabilitation. Known on the streets as crystal meth, the drug is a stimulant often used to boost work performance and suppress appetites through the heavy release of dopamine, which generates feelings of more energy. However, meth abuse also raises the dangers of heart damage and psychosis.

Addiction to Meth

It is because of these dangers to the health of the user that prompts researchers to increase their exploration of new methods to curb the addiction to this potentially lethal drug. As Julia Sommerfield reports for NBC:

“The spread of methamphetamine production and abuse has sparked a flurry of research on the drug’s health effects and possible new ways for treating the addiction.

Until a few years ago, methamphetamine was considered a regional problem. Largely confined to the West Coast and Southwest, it was off the radar of federal drug offices in Washington, D.C. But as the drug swept into rural Midwestern communities in the mid-1990s, catching hospitals and treatment centers unprepared for its devastating effects, steps were taken to gain a better understanding of meth’s toll on the body.”

Brain researchers Drs. Nora Volkow and Linda Chang said scans of brains from 15 ex-users showed less activity of dopamine transporters – which degraded their verbal, memory, and motor skills.

At present, treatments for meth addictions are only addressed through the Matrix model, a series of cognitive-behavior therapy programs. They often involve cooperation from the patient’s family to help him or her stay off the drugs for good. Somerfield reports, though, that potential medicine-based treatments are being tested, such as administering anti-depressants to fight off a potential relapse.

A serious meth habit can also prompt a preferred rehab specialist to design a longer treatment program, especially if initial analysis uncovers more long-term effects.

The threat presented by crystal meth is no more evident than in Missouri. The Show-Me State has already reaped the infamous label of being the nation’s Meth Capital, which is now highlighted by new flows of meth stocks from Mexico, with Kansas City as a distribution hub. The status quo clearly requires the intervention of a professional drug rehab in St. Louis, such as the team at Midwest Institute for Addiction.

Meth addicts have another chance to turn their lives around with drug rehab in St. Louis, MO. If you, or a loved one, are undergoing a serious battle with drugs, it’s never too late to get on the right path again with the right rehabilitation treatment.

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