Signs of Addiction Relapse: Seek Help from a Missouri Rehab Center

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Many people overcome their battle with substance abuse every day, either on their own or with professional help. Unfortunately, many people also fall off the wagon and return to their addictions.

Drug Abuse

A prime example of this would be Steve Howe, a former MLB pitcher. He found instant success early in his career: a Rookie of the Year award and a World Series victory. Sadly, his once-promising career was derailed by substance abuse. The following is courtesy of

“The problems began to surface in 1983 when Howe checked himself into a substance abuse clinic. A relapse resulted in Commissioner Bowie Kuhn suspending him for the 1984 season. Howe was out of the majors again in 1986, and Texas released him before for the 1988 season for a reported alcohol problem. Howe did not return to the majors until 1991, and during the 1992 season, he became the first baseball player to be banned for life because of drugs.”

Relapses are an unfortunate pit stop on the road to full recovery. Fortunately, there are many signs to warn you that a loved one is on the verge of relapsing or has already relapsed. As reliable drug rehab centers in Missouri would advise, keep an eye out for these worrisome signs:

Sudden Distance

People recovering from substance abuse gain strength from the support of their loved ones, even after completing rehab. If a recovering person suddenly becomes distant to you or becomes more irritable when you are around, something might be wrong. If you notice this sign, you may need to keep a closer eye on the recovering person.

Talk of Relapsing

Oftentimes, people recovering from substance abuse will make a not-so-obvious plea for help. They may begin to talk to you about relapsing and/or about how the rehab program isn’t effective. Take this conversation for what it is and find ways to prevent a relapse from happening.

Repeat of Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the more common reasons why people relapse is a false belief that they have gained control over their usage of the substance. At this point, typical withdrawal symptoms like lack of focus, severe headaches, and vomiting may begin to surface again.

If you suspect an impending relapse, stay calm and confront the recovering person. Talk about his/her struggles and what you can do to help that person stay clean.

In the unfortunate event that a loved one has already relapsed, assure him or her that relapsing is not a sign of failure, but simply a speed bump that can be overcome. Afterward, look for a trusted Missouri rehab center that offers outpatient counseling like Midwest Institute for Addiction, and enroll your loved one.

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