The Harm Drug Abuse Can Bring and the Role of Drug Rehab in Missouri

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Annually, the bad effects of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse account for over $600 billion in lost property and personal injury. Much of the losses are felt by states with high overdose mortality rate, such as Missouri, which recently ranked seventh in having the highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country. Such a statistic should worry not only the government, but more importantly, the families of both actual and potential drug users. provides an in-depth information on the negative effects of drug or alcohol abuse, which highlights the role of immediate drug rehab in Missouri.

“Consider these risks of drinking too much or using drugs:

  • Depression, anxiety, suicide

  • Accidents

  • Violence, often against loved ones

  • Risky sexual behavior, such as unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners

  • Employment problems

  • Health problems, including cancer and HIV

  • Addiction, which is a disease described by uncontrollable cravings and physical dependence

In the moment, it may seem like a good idea to use drugs or alcohol to get high, relax, or escape. But alcohol and drug abuse can soon cause serious problems. Fortunately, substance abuse disorders are also treatable. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, seek help from your doctor or a treatment facility. With treatment, it’s possible to not only regain your health, but also restore the relationships that matter to you.”

Some cases of drug abuse are no longer treatable by simply underlining the negative effects of the practice. The addicts have been totally dependent on the drug that even the most effective outpatient treatment may no longer work. The family of the user, or the user him/herself, can decide to seek help from a drug rehabilitation program for a more efficient remedy. Drug rehab centers like Midwest Institute for Addiction provides safe facilities and implements programs that would facilitate drug addicts’ recovery from drug dependence.

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The treatments offered in a rehab center range from detoxification to cognitive behavioral therapy in St. Louis and elsewhere. Here, the current level of addiction will be reduced and the patient will learn how to prevent themselves from getting tempted to use the drugs again. They will be taught of methods not only for avoiding but for developing a long-term tolerance from drug use.

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