St. Louis Rehabilitation Center Helps Binge Drinkers Ward off Harm

How do you define binge drinking? Do you have a specific number of bottles, shots, or glasses in mind, or do you think it’s subjective and means “so much that you get sick and pass out”? Well, you can certainly have your own definition, but for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking means drinking enough to reach the blood alcohol level of .08, which is usually reached after the 4th or 5th drink in 2 hours. [Read more…]

Mandated Drug Rehab in St. Louis Is Effective for Problematic Seniors

A loved one’s advanced years may be a trying period for them, and in some cases, it might lead them to seek solace in banned substances. When that happens, you must decide if you should have them undergo drug rehab in St. Louis. In a January 8, 2015 article for PsychCentral, Dr. Rick Nauert said that many factors revealed in a new study by professors from Cornell University and Israel’s Tel Aviv University coalesce into growing substance abuse for elderly people. [Read more…]

Attending Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri to Stop Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers are one of the more accessible prescription medicines anywhere. Certain classes allow for more pronounced effects if ground into powder and taken nasally, as is the case with cocaine. As Samantha Liss of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports, that medicine category already places Missouri in a slightly unfavorable light according to a new study on opioid use– which warrants action through drug rehabilitation programs. [Read more…]

Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri Await State’s Medication Monitoring

Every state has its own prescription drug database, whose importance lies in keeping track of people having one too many painkillers. Every state, except Missouri.

For the record, Missouri wanted one. The drug problem has spiraled out of control so much that it led one St. Louis physician to call the state “America’s Drugstore.” Barring the way, however, is a group of lawmakers who argue that the database is a violation of personal privacy. So, some pharmacists themselves are taking the monitoring responsibility in their own hands. [Read more…]

Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis: Bringing your Teens Back from the Brink

They say children─ particularly your teens─ are the future, and as responsible Missourian parents, it’s up to you to guide them on the path to proper physical, mental, and emotional health. Part of this will entail steering them away from the likes of alcohol addiction with the help of a St. Louis alcohol rehab center, and for reasons beyond just avoiding dependency. An October 28, 2014 article for Science Daily describes the potential physical effects of heavy alcohol use in adolescents, as experimented on rats:
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St Louis Rehab: Combine Medicinal, Behavioral, Motivational Approaches

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to drug treatment. Different treatments work for different people, and often when a person is not able to own up to his or her addiction, a loved one usually intervenes. Rehab does not have to be voluntarily; many addicts are compelled, in fact, to enter rehab by the court system or because of family and friends. Many in these cases do achieve recovery.

More evidences are showing that addiction isn’t a choice subject to willpower, but a brain disease that is chronic until treated. Many medical centers are recognizing that, as a disease, addiction can best be treated in a regulated and reputable St Louis rehab based on the medical model. Often, this means that a qualified doctor determines the seriousness of the addiction, as well as any existing co-occurring psychological disorders. The latter is just as significant for the facts given in this excerpt below, as outline in
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Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri Can Help with Abuse Regardless of Cause

A common perception among proponents of healthy lifestyles is that engaging in sports reduces an adolescent’s chances of falling into self-destructive patterns such as substance abuse. The recently released findings of a nationwide survey, however, cast some doubt to this long-held notion. As reported by Jared Wadley for the health information portal Medical Xpress, the latest study conducted by the University of Michigan yielded several unexpected results:
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Drug Rehab in Missouri: Tailoring Programs for Teen Substance Abuse

Is the problem of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse among American teens improving? A new federal report seems to suggest as much. In an article for CBS News, HealthDay reporter Mary Elizabeth Dallas highlights some of the findings of a study done by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The report noted that rates of drug abuse, binge drinking on alcohol, and use of tobacco products have gone down from their alarming numbers in 2002. [Read more…]

Is It Time For You to Consider Entering an Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis?

Missouri has a somewhat laissez-faire approach to its alcohol regulations. In fact, cities and counties within the state are prohibited from banning retail sales of liquor, and in St. Louis, bars have longer operating hours with a standard closing time of 3 AM. These laws allow its citizens to have increased access to alcoholic drinks and beverages, which in turn can lead to dependency if consumption becomes more frequent. [Read more…]