You can have a better life tomorrow than today.

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  • You can have a better life than the one you have today.
  • Substance abuse and dependence, anxiety, depression, and negative events do not have to be the prevailing theme in your life. Our programs are designed with client’s needs first. Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in St. Louis can be affordable, effective, and logistically feasible alongside your life. You will work with your treatment team to achieve a better life than the one they have today.
  • It may seem an impossible task, but, as with many clients and families, it is possible by taking the right steps.

Get your plan to improve your life..

  • Getting access to a multidisciplinary team is vital: Our program provides medical, mental, and behavioral services.
  • Outcomes are proportionate to treatment time: We ensure access to ongoing treatment. Our programs ensure that ongoing treatment, at even a once-per-month basis, is possible financially and for your schedule.
  • Your needs may change overtime: Our program is capable of treating mental health, behavioral health, and life issues beyond the initial reasons clients seek assistance. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our clients, not sobriety alone.

Getting help is easy.

1. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, learn about our program, your insurance benefits or financing options, and determine if our program is a good fit for you. We help you find resources that are the right fit for you, even if that is outside of our facility.

2. Complete our intake or get information on other resources that are the best fit; based on your clinical, medical, and resource information.

3. Start improving your life one day at a time by following the plan created by you and your treatment team.

QUICK FACTS about our alcohol and drug rehab in St. Louis

  • Receive Medical Detox, Recovery-centered Pain Management, and/or ongoing medical care in addition to therapy– providing the tools you need for your journey.
  • Unlimited treatment time – access to treatment for as long as it takes to achieve your goals. Adjust goals to continually improve your quality of life.
  • In-network Services – we make treatment cost-effective and remove the financial burden that limits treatment time and needed services.
  • Flexible schedule – Receive services that make it easy to continue treatment without negatively affecting other areas of your life.
  • International Accreditation – Rest assured that everything we do is reviewed and approved.

Welcoming environment and staff

Our program, and the environment we create, is accessible, compassionate, and person-centered. What separates our program from others is more than the holistic, person-centered, and best-practice treatment model; it goes beyond just treatment to ensure quality services and experiences for our clients and their families. Our reputation continues to be built on compassion, accessibility, responsiveness, flexibility, and effectiveness. Our St. Louis rehab facility provides an environment that nurtures recovery and wellness. Your satisfaction is important to our addiction treatment team, because you are at the epicentre of what we do.

Our clients’ transformations

WHAT OUR CLIENT’S RECEIVE: If you engage in treatment and follow your treatment plan your life will improve. The negatives will dissipate and will be replaced with positivity. The downs won’t seem so low and the highs will be consistent and without remorse. The things you once enjoyed will once again fill your heart. A quality life is more possible than you can even imagine.

WHAT OUR PROGRAM DOESN’T DO: Limit treatment duration, limit service offerings, overcharge, limit individuality in care, or limit customization of care.

What is the Quality of Life Approach

Our St. Louis rehab provides a complete continuum of care that goes beyond alcohol and drug use alone. Our approach focuses on your “quality of life”, by addressing your physical, psychiatric, family, and social health, alongside financial, legal, and occupational issues. Of course, alcohol and drug use are a significant component alone and in relation to the other factors. Outcomes and assessments are based on these elements; we identify the severity and change of each component in order to identify areas of need for each individual, which in turn, shapes that client’s treatment plan. In most cases, there are more areas for improvement than simply alcohol and drug use. Our program is comprehensive enough that anyone (regardless of addiction) would benefit from utilizing our multitude of services.

What MIA Means to You

So what does this mean for our clients? Our rehab center provides evidence-based treatment delivered by some of the most experienced providers in the St. Louis area. Services are delivered at times that are convenient in order to accommodate your schedule; this translates into days, evenings, and weekends; times when other rehab facilities are closed. Your team is always accessible by phone and in-person to ensure the highest level of support possible. We take your care seriously always advocating for you and your family. Our range of unlimited services provides a treatment process rich in quality rather than a minimalist approach. We do not use sales tactics, we offer free consultations to aid individuals in finding appropriate treatment; outside of our own. We accept insurance for the same program quality that is often only found in high-priced private facilities. We understand what you are going through, where you want to be, and the various obstacles in your way. Our commitment is to help you navigate throughout your journey by making the highest quality of care available, accessible, and affordable.

Schedule a free, no obligation, consultation today to learn more about our program and other resources available to you and your family.