During this challenging time, have you considered your own needs? We have. General mental health services for anyone.

Here at Midwest Institute for Addiction, our staff prides itself on caring for the client and his or her addiction—totally. Obviously, when your loved one is suffering from an addiction, your main concern is getting effective help for that person. So when you come to us with that important member of your family, we work toward improving quality of life for that addicted client in every way. Interestingly, because the focus begins on the client with the addition, the well-being of those who support that person often ends up being overlooked. Such persons may include spouses, parents, grandparents, children, and others committing their time, money, and emotions to aid the person with the addiction. If you are one of these support persons, the toll on you may sometimes feel overwhelming. The stress of limited finances compromised health, and strained emotions may push you to the breaking point. Even if you feel you are successfully coping with the challenges of rehab and recovery for a loved one, you may have come to accept a lack of attention to self-care; we, however, won’t accept it. You deserve care–even treatment if needed –in order to persevere in your role of backing your loved one and in order to manage your own life with the attention it deserves. Having recognized this often forgotten the group of casualties in the battle against addiction, MIA is expanding its services to help everyone involved in recovery.

Enhancing counseling opportunities, attending to the quality of life, and providing additional programs to support those surrounding the addict are now features of our all-encompassing care opportunities. In addition, addressing the needs of people suffering from any sort of mental or emotional distress outside of the area of substance abuse is now also becoming an MIA focus.

  • Our new and broader services for families and friends affected by addiction include: Counseling and psychiatric care for individuals, for couples, and for families, suffering any sort of mental health challenge or emotional distress
  • Attention to guidance and services that support the whole person’s quality of life, such as financial, relationship, and general health assistance
  • New programs regarding less effectively and less widely treated “process” addictions

The next several pages detail all of the care and treatment opportunities and protocols coming into play to assist you if you are facing daily challenges because of your addicted loved one. Keep reading and know that you can find help here.

But just one more point before you delve into all that we can offer. Maybe you are not connected to anyone who is suffering from addiction. Maybe you are just looking for help for life’s problems or treatment for mental health issues. Don’t worry! We can help you, too. Our expanded services and programs are offered to help anyone who wants to work toward reaching his or her ideal self and to improve quality of life. Let’s get started. You don’t have to wait to take care of yourself any longer.