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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside


People struggling with active addiction are often incapable of helping themselves. The immense shame and guilt they deal with compel them to keep using. Their body systems, including the brain, are changed by constant exposure to drugs, and willpower alone is not enough to get them sober. Addiction is an illness and requires treatment to overcome. A lot of work goes into eliminating the physical and psychological dependence on substances. The patient's willingness to accept help is the first step, the second being acceptance to join a Riverside drug rehab center. 

Quitting ‘Cold Turkey’

The overwhelming desire to overcome a substance use disorder can motivate a person to stop using the drug of choice abruptly. Though an indicator of firm resolves, many experts argue that this is detrimental to their health, and the withdrawal effects can be severe. Depending on how much of the substance the patient has been using and how long, cessation of use should be done with help from qualified medical staff. Top rehab centers in Riverside offer detoxification services to enable a more tolerable transition into a drug-free state. Said state is reinforced through a thirty to a ninety-day program that seeks to recondition the patient to accept sobriety and maintain it for life. 

Program Options

Patients that do consent to treatment have to choose between inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. 

Outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, is ideal for patients with mild addictions or inescapable life commitments. An outpatient program consists of ten sessions every week on average. It aims at equipping the patients with the skills and tools needed to find recovery while out in the real world. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs are a little more intensive. In this arrangement, patients spend all their waking hours working the program but retiring to their homes at night. It is suitable for patients with families or whose lifestyles do not permit them to be away for extended periods.

Inpatient Treatment is the most intensive of the three as it offers round-the-clock support and ideal for patients whose addictions have taken over their lives. The average duration of stay is thirty to ninety days. Some may opt for six-month stays If they feel like the work is incomplete. Afterward, outpatient mental health centers can continue offering support to ensure the sobriety sticks. 

Benefits of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in Riverside, CA, alcohol treatment centers offers an opportunity to get your life back. While you cannot go back and fix your past errors, you can rewrite your story and restore much of what addiction has taken. Accepting treatment is not a sign of defeat but an investment into your future.

Regardless of the program you choose, you can expect to learn valuable life skills that will pour over into the rest of your life. Most rehabs offer classes on yoga and meditation, fitness and nutrition, and vocational skills that can help you achieve gainful employment. Others such as problem-solving, anger management, and delayed gratification will improve your interpersonal relationships.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Riverside