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Drug Rehab Arizona

Drug Rehab Arizona

What's the difference between Soul Surgery Rehab and any other drug rehab in Arizona? Other drug rehabs teach patients to recover from outside in, but Soul Surgery Rehab teaches healing and recovery from the inside out. To put it differently, Soul Surgery Rehab provides comprehensive rehabilitation services, focusing on the individual as a whole, not a single symptom or problem.

Rather than being just another one of many 12-Step rehabs in Arizona, Soul Surgery Rehab utilizes the best treatment methods, including traditional addiction treatment, scientific addiction treatment, and holistic addiction treatment. Depending on the individual, we will customize the rehab experience according to their needs, goals, and personalities. Our job is to set all of our patients up for success, and customized addiction treatment is just part of how we do that.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab in Arizona

It might come as no surprise that more than 3 out of 5 patients who attend drug rehab in Arizona have a dual diagnosis disorder. The problem, more often than not, is that the patient has not been properly diagnosed as of yet. Many times, we receive patients who have been on a merry-go-round of drug rehabs, never getting the kind of customized one-on-one care that they need because no one ever realized that they have a co-occurring disorder.

If addiction lights a person's life on fire, then a co-occurring disorder douses that fire with gasoline. When a person is suffering from a dual diagnosis condition, treating the addiction without treating the psychological disorder is futile. At Soul Surgery Rehab, we have the best medical staff of any drug rehab in Arizona. We can assess, diagnose, and treat dual diagnosis patients accurately, even if it means prescribing medication. Do you think you have PTSD, clinical depression, anxiety, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or any other psychological condition that might be spurring on your addiction? If so, then getting treatment at Soul Surgery Rehab might be the best choice for you.

Are You Apprehensive About Getting Treatment from a Luxury Rehab?

Soul Surgery Rehab is a luxury drug rehab in Arizona. When many people see or hear the term 'luxury rehab,' their guards automatically go up. People have a lot of false preconceived notions regarding luxury rehabs, perhaps because the word 'luxury' seems to be connected to wealthy and affluent people. Either that or people think that there is no place for luxury in addiction. "After all," one might reason, "you're supposed to be going to rehab to get better, not to take a vacation."

The truth is; a luxury drug rehab like Soul Surgery Rehab has the best addiction treatment staff and medical personnel in the business on our payroll. Our addiction treatment program has been very successful to date, far above average for area rehabs in terms of long-term patient sobriety. Plus, you don't have to be rich to enjoy a lavish, spacious, amenity-rich alcohol and drug rehab in Arizona. All you need is insurance!

Drug Rehab Arizona
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Drug Rehab Arizona Drug Rehab Arizona Drug Rehab Arizona

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