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inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa

inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa

St. Gregory Recovery Center is a preeminent inpatient alcohol rehab in Iowa with high-end amenities and highly effective treatment programs. Inpatient treatment can help you break free from the chains of addiction and prepare you for a gratifying and fulfilling life. Some of the benefits of inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction:

1. Customized Treatment Programs

At our Iowa alcohol addiction treatment center, we follow a customized treatment approach, based on creating an exclusive recovery plan for each patient in rehab. During the intake process, we run a series of tests and physical health exams on our patients. Based on the data we collect, our clinical staff team creates a customized treatment plan to address the unique addiction needs of each patient. This strategy helps us measure the progress of each patient throughout the recovery journey.

2. Faith-Based Treatment Approach

We are one of the leading faith-based drug recovery centers with programs focused on spiritual healing and rebalancing. While the spiritual element is a major focus of our treatment program, we also use evidence-based treatments to help patients attain their recovery goals. Our faith-based approach involves spiritual reflection and discussion with peers fighting similar problems, which helps them embrace sobriety and reduces the chances of relapse. We conduct prayer meetings, host religious services, engage patients in scripture readings, discussions, and meditations, and enable them to connect with a superior power.

3. Evidence-Based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies are crucial for comprehensive recovery during the dual diagnosis treatment. We use psychotherapies and behavioral modalities to identify the cause of addiction and come up with a detailed mental health program to address and alleviate mental health disorders. We also use psychotherapies like EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and holistic therapies to equip you with essential life skills and coping mechanisms to combat triggers, cravings, and stressful situations successfully. These therapies play an integral role in preventing relapse in the long-term and help patients lead a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life after our Iowa inpatient alcohol rehab treatment.

4. Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is an essential part of the rehab treatment and marks the first stage in the recovery process. The procedure helps flush out the substance from your system and prepares you for sustainable sobriety. At our treatment facilities in Iowa, you will remain under medical supervision, as our team will monitor you 24/7 for adverse withdrawal symptoms and suicidal behaviors.

5. Continuous Medical Care

One of the greatest benefits of inpatient rehab is access to high-end medical care. We have the best alcohol use disorder treatment because our clinical staff offers 24/7 medical care and supervision to recovering addicts to help them remain sober and focus on long-term recovery.

St. Gregory Recovery Center ranks among the best treatment centers for alcohol detox in Iowa. We offer customized detox programs in a safe and serene environment with top medical care. Get in touch with us at 888-778-5833 to learn more about our inpatient alcohol rehab in Iowa.

inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa
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inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa inpatient alcohol rehab Iowa